me and my family, be demolished by fire, in the name of Jesus.
2. I refuse to be a prisoner of any local altar, in the name of Jesus.

Sometimes, sacrifices are made on evil altars in order to seal a contract with wicked spirits. Sacrifices are food given to evil spirits to enlist their support and this is why the Bible says that we should not eat things sacrificed to idols, because eating them would amount to eating at the same table with idols. Any food sacrificed to idols are given to demons and sharing food with demons means being in agreement with them. That is why you discover that sometimes sicknesses such as migraine, hypertension etc are not actually the problem. The enemy uses them as camouflage. It is against this background that Christians are advised to pray always when they are sick even when they seek medical attention. We should not forget that believers should rely solely on the Holy Spirit to fight their battles. When your name is submitted to altars, it is in order to monitor and influence your life in a negative way. Many house helps, nannies, in-laws and relations that are brought in without prayers are altar agents who supply information to evil priests ministering at evil altars. They value this information very much because it helps them to know which ammunition to use on their victims. These altars are also used as remote control devices to cause problems for people. Some of the weird things they do include rituals at crossroads in order to limit their victims for life. A person under the dominion of these evil altars normally loses his or her mind and can no longer exercise discretion. Such a person will be living in fear and will be experiencing nightmares and all sorts of afflictions. In the light of the foregoing, the kind of prayers to undertake against evil altars is not “a gentleman” kind of prayers, but rather, it is the aggressive prayer of command and prophecy.

Let us look at some of the local altars erected to destroy the lives of people in our environment.

1. Crossroad altars: This is a perversion of the cross of Jesus. The reason they use crossroads is to summon demons from the north, south, east, and west together against a person. If for example, you find a pot of sacrifice at your office, it is because they are summoning demons to cause havoc in that place. Whoever is a victim of crossroad altars would be bombarded with afflictions. Any born again believer who does not know his or her right and lacks power, cannot counter the effects of evil altars. A policeman on the road controlling the traffic may stop vehicles because of his authority that is acknowledged by the drivers, but if he encounters armed robbers, his uniform of authority not withstanding, he would be killed. What I am saying is that there is a difference between power and authority. If you are born again and you have not received the baptism in the Hoy Spirit, it means that you only possess authority without power to
Joshua Alabi
December 9, 2014
This sermon is clear revelation of the concealed work of satan in the life of people. It is this concealed work that makes the christain walk very difficult. Without this revelation the situation will be worse. Thanks for God working though his annointed minister by which this is revelaed to us.

February 20, 2014
I was wondering about this sermon my self, had to stop my self from moving on and not reading It so I persevered and finished reading. I come up with that I don't no of many things that other people have experienced. I think now the things that Daniel talked a bout are surely real for some folk. Kim Peltier
Gabriel S. Onukak of Life Faith Gospel Church
February 20, 2014
It is well with you, pastor Daniel. This sermon is covered and seal with the blood of Jesus. I claim all this prayer point by faith to my life, family and ministry. Seven alters of Balak and Balaam for evil in life, i command it to turn to alter of Blessing to my generation, in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen
Minister E Clayton
February 17, 2014
Is this for real who is this man of God
Georgian Micheals
February 19, 2014
He is the General overseer of mountain of fire and miracles ministries worldwide.