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Developing A Cause Mentality

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May 24, 2005
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Audience: Adults

Summary: A call to consider the cost of following Christ.

Developing A Cause Mentality

Text: Luke 9:57-62

Developing A Cause Mentality

Text: Luke 9:57-62

Introduction: (Senator John McCain was held as a prisoner of war in a North Vietnamese camp for several years. He relays this story about his interment.) In the final years of our imprisonment, our captors moved us from small cells with one or two prisoners to large rooms with as many as 30-40 men. We preferred this situation for the companionship and strength we could draw from one another. In addition to moving us to new quarters, the North Vietnamese let us receive packages and letters from home. Many of us heard from our families for the first time in years. In our cell was a Navy officer, Lt. Commander Mike Christian. Over a period of time he managed to gather bits and pieces of red and white cloth from some of the packages. Using a piece of bamboo as a needle, Mike sewed a U.S. flag on the inside of his blue prison shirt. Every night in our cell, Mike would put his shirt on the wall and we would say the pledge of allegiance. I know that the pledge of allegiance may not be the most important aspect of our day now, but I can tell you that at the time, it was the most important aspect of our lives. This had been going on for some time when the guards came in as we were reciting the pledge. The ripped the flag from the wall and dragged Mike out. He was beaten for several hours and thrown back into the cell. Later that night, as we were settling down to sleep on the concrete slabs that were our beds, I noticed Mike, still bloody and swollen from his terrible beating, gathering bits and pieces of cloth together. He was sowing a new American flag. This is the same kind of dogged determination that Jesus expects from His followers.

Theme: Kingdom Ministry Requires a Kingdom Mentality.

I. Christ warns against impulsive commitments (See Luke 9: 57-58).

A. Impulsive commitments wither with rejection (See Luke 9:51-56)

1. Samaritans rejected Jerusalem-centered salvation history (Their worship focused on Mt. Gerizim – John 4:20). Samaritans had competing views of Scripture, messianic expectation and what constitutes authentic faith in God.

2. Jesus was rejected by them. James and John did not take it well. Their commitment to follow Christ was based on the assumption, like John the Baptist, the Christ would judge the world, not redeem it. Jesus rebuked them saying, “You know not what manner of spirit you are of (KJV).”

B. Impulsive commitments wither with hardship. The scribe thought he was paying a high price as he volunteered to follow in that it would cost him popularity and time. Though He was the Son of Man, Christ responded that He would enjoy fewer creature comforts than foxes and birds. Luke 9:22 puts the two together. “The Son of Man must suffer many things and be rejected by the elders, chief priests and teachers of the law, and he must be killed and on the third day be raised to life.” (See I Peter 2:20,21)

Illus: When Dr. David Livingstone was working in Africa, a group of friends wrote him: "We would like to send other men to you. Have you found a good road into your area yet?" According to a member of his family, Dr. Livingstone sent this message in reply: "If you have men who will only come if they know there is a good road, I don’t want them. I want men who will come if there is no road at all."

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