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Intro: There was a man, Jack Wugman walking down the beach one day. He saw an unusual glass bottle. He bent over and picked up the bottle. His life would be forever changed. There was a note inside from a man named Singer. You know of him. He invented and perfected the sewing machine.
Singer penned a note,
The judge validated the note, and Jack inherited millions of dollars from a man he never met.
What if Jack never picked up the bottle?
My God has a plan for you!

Today, do I believe everyone in this room has a bottle floating out there with a million dollar inheritance, no. But I do believe that there are Divine appointments God has set for each of our lives.

Divine Appointments
Habakkuk 2:3

I. Naamanó2 Kings 5:11 Godís Ways Are Not Our Ways-Naaman had it all figured out the way God would heal him. Then God asked him to do something completely different then he thought. With your Divine appointments this year, God will get you out of your comfort zones to receive your blessing.

Ill) years ago I was in the line at Hardeeís when I felt impressed to go over to a table where two women were talking and say, If you drink the living water you will never thirst again. Immediately they started raising their hands, praising the Lord. They were reading about the Holy Spirit and were discussing how they might visit a Pentecostal church. This was their confirmation.

II. David-1 Sam. 17:23 God may use one thing to open the door to anotheróDavid had been sent by Jesse to bring food to the battlefield for his brothers. Now David could have said, no way, this is beneath me to be an errand boy.
But if David had never brought the food, he would have never met Goliath, which would be Godís opportunity for advancement and increase.

Ill) a great Jensen Franklin story is the time he was invited to play his saxophone on T.B.N. and the speaker cancelled. He was asked if he could preach so he filled in. The phone lines lit up, he was invited back to preach again, and his ministry exploded.

III. Elishaó2 Kings 2:12-13 and Elisha saw itówith
Divine appointments, God will make you pass many tests in order to reach your Divine appointment.
Ill) years ago my roommate Randy Helms told me that he would someday be the Youth Pastor at Carpenters Homeówhich at that time was one of the largest churches in America. He asked if he could help the Youth Pastor, and they said, he could set up chairs for the service. He did that for a while, then a little more. When the Youth Pastor moved on, he had worked so hard with the Youth, they interviewed him and gave him the position.

IV. Jesus- John 4:4óI must needs go through Samaria-
Many times God will direct people to go to a certain place, you may not even know why you are going there, but God will give you the reason later.

Ill) Oral Roberts gets off plane, instead of going to the terminal he walks to the end of the runway through