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Do I Go to Heaven Immediately When I die?


Sermon shared by Rick Burdette

January 2012
Summary: Heaven, salvation, eternal life, spirituality
Audience: General adults
our website called “How are the Dead Raised, April 17)
But a quick recap… 1 Cor 15: 35-37, 42-44, 50-58 (p 815)
Do you go to heaven immediately upon your death...Well if your lost…like the Rich man in Luke 16 I believe you go to Hades…until the final judgment in Revelations 20 when death and Hades are thrown into Hell along with Satan and His angels and as those whose names aren’t written in the Lambs book of life.
If you have been saved, redeemed by the blood of Jesus…If you have accepted Him as your Savior and Lord, then when you die your spirit goes to be in his presences…until His return and then He brings with him those spirits, the dead in Christ rise first….(their bodies) and even if you’re alive…your bodies are transformed instantly into perfect forever homes….we will be clothed with our heavenly dwelling, so that what is mortal may be swallowed up by life.
Folks, Jesus promised his followers in John 14 that He was able to provide security through grief and death…He promised His father’s house had plenty of room…and most importantly he promised he would provide a way for us to get there….
Thomas said, how can we know how to get there? And Jesus said…
You see our salvation, our hope…. Even when it comes to death and the judgment isn’t about being good enough… or following the right system.
It’s about having a saving relationship with Jesus…right now…and he’ll know you well when you die or He returns.

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