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Do I Have Enough?


Sermon shared by Brian Atwood

March 2003
Summary: Second sermon in series - "Living Life On Purpose - Christís Answers to Manís Questions". This sermon deals with the disciplesí question at the feeding of the 4,000.
Denomination: Baptist
Audience: General adults
and said, "I have compassion for these people; they have already been with me three days and have nothing to eat. I do not want to send them away hungry, or they may collapse on the way."

Christ could have sent them home without the food miracle and nobody could have complained. They had witnessed plenty of great things already. But love goes the extra mile.

Love motivates you to give when you feel you have nothing left to give. Love creates a door where once a wall existed.

The miracle of the mass feeding illustrates this point. The more the disciples gave of the original seven loaves, the more was left for others.

Do we have enough? Letís yield what little we do have into Godís hands because of our love for Him and because of our love for others and see if something supernatural doesnít occur.

With God - giving doesnít deplete our resources - it replenishes and multiplies them! They began feeding the crowd with seven loaves and ended up with seven hamper-sized baskets left over!

Listen closely and you will hear some Christian single say, "I need a good Christian mate, and the woods ainít full of íem either!" But not to worry, there is a God on the throne of heaven, who, since He can make blind eyes see, can certainly make the right marital candidate look good to you and vice versa!

Listen closely and you will hear someone say, "We need God to enter into our financial situation and help us clear up the mess weíve made." Well, since God can feed 4,000 with seven loaves of bread and a few small fish, He is certainly able to multiply what you have!

Someone else needs a better home, a better car to drive, or perhaps a better attitude to deal with a bad situation. God can take our crippled lives and straighten them out for us again.

Our needs are great. God is greater!

He is not limited to providing what we need according to conventional methods either. He can whip a giant with the sling of a committed shepherd boy. He can feed millions with manna. He can make water come out of rocks. He can make the sun stand still. He can transform a terrorist named Saul into a teacher named Paul. He can take care of the needs of widows and orphans with jars of oil and barrels of meal that are almost empty.

The qualifying factor is our yieldedness to God. "How many loaves do you have?" Jesus asks us. Do we trust God enough to place what little we have into His hands?

Do we trust His love for us enough to yield ourselves completely to Him?

If we do, we will have more than enough!
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