Do You Really Love God?
Deut. 6: 4,5

Letís set the scene here. The people of Israel have just been liberated form Egypt. Theyíre between Egypt and Canaan, the Promised land. The Ten Commandments have already been given to Moses by God. The scene at Kadesh- Barnea has already passed where, because of their lack of faith, their unbelief, their flat out rebellion, the grawn up generation would not see Canaan except for Joshua and Caleb. Instead they will wonder around in the wilderness for forty years until all of the grown ups have died off.
So theyíve been freed from the chains of slavery and bondage and theyíre on their journey to the promised land. And here in this particular chapter God has laid down the commandment to hear and obey to inherit Godís blessing on the foundation of the commandments that Heís already given them.
Now letís bring this in to a modern day application. If youíre a child of God, meaning youíve been born again, youíve been washed in the blood of Jesus, youíre on your way to Heaven, then youíve just been freed from Egypt. Your Egypt was sin and Satan. Youíve been freed from Satanís grasp. He no longer owns you. Youíve been freed from the the chains, the slavery and bondage of sin and Satan.
But now youíre saved and youíve been freed from Egypt this land of bondage and slavery and now youíre on your way to Canaan, or in other words to Heaven, your promised land, the land that flows with milk and honey.
But youíre not there yet. Youíre still somewhere on your journey to the promised land. this journey is on a road that consist of mountains and valleys, highs and lows, bridges and bumps, trials and temptations, lessons and learnings with one mission. To lift up, adore and glorify Jesus Christ, The Lord of Lords and the King of Kinds. With one purpose. To draw all men unto Him. Jesus said, "And if I be lifted up above the earth, will draw all men unto me." Now we know of course that He was referring here to His death by crucifixion on the cross. But the principle is the same. If weíre living for Him, serving Him, lifting Him up in our lives, then the Holy Spirit can work through us to draw men to Him.
And here today where ever you and I are on our journey to the promised land, God lays before us this same commandment to hear and obey to inherit Godís blessings. On the same foundation of commandments . This foundation has a cornerstone, a sustainer and container. That cornerstone is God Himself. Because, you see without him there is no foundation.
For this simple reason is why His first and foremost command to us is, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." The Bible plainly teaches that a man cannot serve two masters at the same time. Either you serve Satan or you serve God. When we sin, whether itís a life of sin or just one moment in time weíre serving Satan. When weíre doing what God wants us to do, serving Him and worshipping Him in and through our lives weíre serving God.
Now here in our text, in His