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March 5, 2006 Jay Davis Robison MATTHEW 16:21-28

Have you ever asked yourself Why does it have to be so hard??
Why does marriage have to be so hard? Raising Kids so hard?
Why is being honest, losing weight, growing in Christ so hard
If doing right is the right thing, why is it so hard?

We all have a natural revulsion to suffering.
No one likes pain or irritation.
Our natural inclination is to avoid suffering at all costs.

There is a lot of hardship in the life
We’re not free from physical & mental sickness, poverty, worries, anxieties, death of those dear to us, failing a test, daily frustrations monotony boredom, being misunderstood,
Lent spiritual renewal to Easter Doing the Difficult Things
Do you have to do any difficult things? At work or home?
Intro idea from Matthew 16 3 truths about difficult things

1. Following Jesus is HARDER THAN YOU THINK

Notice Vs 21 NCV From that time on Jesus began telling his followers that he must go to Jerusalem, where the older Jewish leaders, the leading priests, & the teachers of the law would make him suffer many things. He told them he must be killed and then be raised from the dead on the 3rd day.

Take a look a the musts in this verse
Must go to Jerusalem, center of life for the Jews to heart
While there will Jewish leaders, priests and teachers of law
Will make him suffer he will be ridiculed scorned by society
Must be killed not just that he would die but be killed
In Jerusalem show love which they could accept or reject

Peter just like us, when he hears about suffering no don’t do it
Vs 22 NRSV & Peter took him aside & began to rebuke him, saying, God forbid it, Lord! This must never happen to you.
NCV Peter says “God save you from those things, Lord! Those things will never happen to you!”

Word rebuke is in infinitive mood.
It keeps going, and going, and going… Peter just kept rebuking, & rebuking, & rebuking

And verse says Peter TOOK Him. Greek word proslabomenos. Verb carries implication of having a right to do something. When God’s plan contradicted Peter’s idea of what was best, Peter rebuked Lord. No way God allow death of good man

Jews believed messiah would inflict suffering on enemies
Vs 21 From that time, turning pointing the story, now Jesus is preparing to go to Jerusalem, and die.
He is inviting his disciples to share in the suffering

Vs 13-20 Peter said Jesus you are messiah Son of living God
Yes Jesus said on this truth build my church
And gates of hell not prevail against it

Now Peter called Satan or tool of devil humble warning
Even those closest to Jesus most spiritual, can fall
Far and fast
Peter and his group could not believe Messiah would die
Peter saw Jesus’ words as unnecessary pessimism
Peter shocked to think such terrible things come on Jesus

The disciples said no way.
They wanted an easier way.
Most of the worthy