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of despair. But how can Jesus say that to him? "Just believe," he told Jairus. Nothing had happened yet - except that Jairus had witnessed the miraculous healing of the women who had come to Jesus and touched the hem of his garment. But nothing had happened to Jairus. To his knowledge, his daughter was still dead. How could Jesus possibly fix that? Blindness? A crippled arm? A woman who was bleeding? Perhaps this was "believable." But what could Jesus do for him now? Yet Jairus went with Jesus into his home. Somehow, he believed that if he went with Jesus, it would be alright.
Isnít that what faith is all about? Isnít faith the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen? There is a famous painting of the healing of the blind man near Jericho. The blind man is begging Jesus to restore his sight. An interesting detail in the picture shows that the blind man had left his cane lying alongside the road. With that little detail, the artist portrayed the faith of the blind man. While he was still blind, he believed that the Lord would heal him and that he would not need his cane again.
Friends, when you have reached your darkest hour... when you absolutely cannot go on any farther... when it seems as if God has not been listening to your prayers... when your sorrow is so deep that it feels as if you will never smile again... when you think things cannot get any worse but they do... then listen to Jesusí words in our text. Donít be afraid. Just believe. Go with Jesus just a little while longer. Because if you do...

When they got to Jairusí house, the mourners were already there. It was the custom in those days to hire mourners who would weep and wail. Together with members of the family, who mourned in all earnestness, there was quite a commotion. Jesus said to them, "WHY ALL THIS COMMOTION AND WAILING? THE CHILD IS NOT DEAD BUT ASLEEP." Perhaps it was the professional mourners who laughed in Jesusí face. And can we learn from what Jesus did not do? In the face of such open mockery and unbelief, he did not turn and leave. Nor did he rail against them. He just calmly excused all of them from the house while he took the childís mother and father and his three disciples, Peter, James, and John, into the little girlís room. Now he would demonstrate for this man whose faith was stretched to the breaking point that he was indeed "God with skin on" - the Messiah come in the flesh. "HE TOOK HER BY THE HAND AND SAID TO HER, íTALITHA KOUM!í (WHICH MEANS, íLITTLE GIRL, I SAY TO YOU, GET UP!í). IMMEDIATELY THE GIRL STOOD UP AND WALKED AROUND (SHE WAS TWELVE YEARS OLD). AT THIS THEY WERE COMPLETELY ASTONISHED." The translation doesnít do justice to the reaction of this little girlís parents. Literally, the Greek says that they were ecstatic with ecstasy. They were beyond joy and happiness.
Can you imagine how they felt? Perhaps not. But someday