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slave in Egypt. They forgot that they are like human pack animals who either heeled to Pharaoh’s command or felt whip across their back? “We sat by the fleshpot.” What an exaggeration! As slaves this could hardly be true. They forgot making countless thousands of bricks. They forgot hauling the huge building stones. They remembered only cool drinks and good meat and fish, cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic in their food!
• The Israelites grumbled against their leaders. (v8) The people had forgotten that it was God who was leading them, not only by Moses, but also by the cloud which was before them (cf. Exo. 13:21-22; 16:10). . As Moses points out, their complaint against their leaders represents a complaint against the Lord, for the Lord in his sovereignty gave the leaders to the people. However, the Israelites thought that their murmuring is against Moses. This is a tragic misconception..
• They grumbled because they are not satisfied with WHAT they are given. (vv.13-15) The people of Israel grumbled because what was provided is not what they expect. “What is it” , they asked. The flake-like substance, later to be called manna, was to be gathered each day but not saved until the next day. The people need to understand that the Lord is a giver. Their conception of him needs to be changed. What better way than to see him provide for them each morning? The Lord is teaching them to depend on his provision.
• They grumbled because they are not satisfied with HOW MUCH they are given. (vv.17-22). In verse sixteen the children of Israel are given specific instructions about how to gather the manna. Having run out of food in the wilderness, so that the Israelites feared that they would starve to death. The Hebrews were fearful they would starve if they will not gather more foods more than what they commanded to do so. This is a direct violation to the command of God. These instructions were intended to test the Israelites as well as to teach them obedience and increase their faith.

Knowing that Israel’s grumbling was the result of her lack of faith, God responded not with anger or judgment, but with provision. With abundance. With grace.
Consequently, God responded GENTLY and GRACIOUSLY to the grumblings of the Israelites. Rather than to rebuke them for their complaining, He did two things, both of which were intended to demonstrate His presence with His people in their affliction and adversity. First, He revealed His glory to the Israelites by some special manifestation of Himself in the cloud by which He had been leading them (16:10). Second, God provided His people with quail and with manna (16:11-14).
God feed them from His own hand, showing them that He was their SUFFICIENCY and their SUSTENANCE.

From the New Testament references to the manna of the Israelites, I would suggest that several principles were being taught in the provision of this “bread from heaven” which are just as applicable to