Save Time and Preach Like Never Before. Try the new
log on it. Somebody is having relationship trouble because somebody’s fire is going out. In some cases, it’s gone out. There’s a high turnover in relationships. Divorce rates are high. People just barely get along these days. What happened? Remember how it was when you first met? You could hardly stay away from one another. Now you can hardly wait to get away from one another.

Somebody’s relationship is falling apart because somebody won’t put another log on the fire. Somebody’s falling away from church activity. You don’t have that same zeal you once had. You need to put another log on the fire! Why did you get out of the choir? You didn’t put another log on the fire! Why did you quit serving in the church? You didn’t put another log on the fire.

If life has little meaning to you and if you are consumed with mess on Monday… trouble on Tuesday… worry on Wednesday… threats on Thursday… money falling out on Friday… stress on Saturday… and it makes you stay in the bed on Sunday, chances are you need to fuel the fire. Tell somebody to put another log on the fire!

What do I need to put on my fire, brother preacher. Well, I need you to know that the best log for the Holy Ghost fire is the word of God. The Word of God is fuel for your fire… you need some word down in your soul… a word that’ll teach the truth and not watered down word. If the word is watered down, the fire will be put out because water can put out your fire. When you accept sugar-coated and watered down Gospel, you’re life gets watered down… You need to read for yourself.

Prayer is a log for the fire. Constant prayer is needed, but not watered down prayer. Strong and sincere prayer is needed. We have to talk to God like we really need help. This is no time to be cute. Take a look around in our world. Look in the homes and in the schools. Where is the fire? Young people are being sucked in by gangs… the boy’s pants are sagging… the girl’s skirts are getting shorter… tattoos are everywhere… body piercing is everywhere… regular marriages are falling apart and same sex marriages are coming together… families can’t get along… we need a prayer log.

It’s just enough mess in this world to put out the fire. This is an urgent matter… this is not the time to be cute… we need a prayer log to put on the fire… We need to talk to God… Put the dentures in the glass… put the weave on the dresser… leave the contacts in the solution… the chipped nail can wait… somebody needs to CALL GOD! Put a prayer log on the fire!

Verse 13 says that the fire should never go out. I admonish you to keep your fire burning. Don’t let your fire go out. We need the power of the Holy Ghost. We can’t make it without the fire. If your fire has gone out, you need to go back to the altar and stay there until you get the Holy Ghost fire… We need oh the Holy Ghost fire. We need it down on the inside… OH that fire keeps Satan’s germs away… OH that fire will burn away life’s mess… OH that fire is a consuming fire…