ntro: have you ever felt like quitting something? I guess everyone from time to time feels like quitting their job, quitting a sport, ill) Tallassee football- quitting a relationship, quitting the church. But todayís message is: ďYou canít quit on Jesus, because Jesus never quit on youĒ I would like to give you some reasons you canít quit on Jesus: turn to Hebrews 10:35-39

1. all the people who said you would never make it, it would never last, they will get to say, I told you soóI would hate that for you, I would hate that for meóI had a bunch of friends who said, you wonít make it, you wonít lastóI donít want them to be right, I donít want to hear them say I told you so. Today, be determined, donít throw away your confidence.
2. you have to go back to your old lifeódo you want to go back to that old life of sinócarrying around the guilt, fear and condemnation. No peace in your life, no joy in the Lord. It is a bad thing to crawl back down into the pit Christ pulled you out of. Yes serving the Lord is hard, yes there are tough times, but serving the Devil is worse. His business is stealing, killing and destroying, if you crawl back into his pit, destruction will be part of your existence.
3. All your effort, all your prayers, all your years of faithful serviceódown the drain. The winners of the race arenít the good starters, or the fast sprinters, but those who cross the line. The line is in sight, yet a little while, and he will come and not tarry. Your testimony will be, one who got so close, but was still so far away. Ill)California mineróboots and pick left a few feet away from greatest gold deposit ever found in America.
4. Over some little offenseóbecause of offenses the love of many shall wax cold. You canít quit over some little offense. You canít let a hypocrite keep you out of heaven. So you didnít get the credit for something you did, you will get your reward in heaven, donít be offended and quit. So the preacher didnít shake your hand, soóno one appreciates all I do around hereódonít let some little nothing rob you of heaven. Donít go to hell with a spiritual chip on your shoulders. Donít let a crutch of offense keep you from walking into glory.
5. The greatest of Ingratitudeís Ėyou have to do despite to the spirit of grace, you have to trample over the blood of Christ. Yes you are letting yourself down, but greater still, you are letting down all those who have put their faith in your walk and have gained strength from your testimony. Family members, friends, your Pastor, a faithful teacher in your life. But most importantly, you have to let Jesus down, you have to be ashamed of him before men. No one has ever loved you enough to die for you, except Him, you are spitting in his face, you are driving in those nails, you are rejecting the one who gave his life for your salvation.
6. you face eternal judgmentóv.39-draw back unto perditionóGod has no pleasure in those who draw back, those who give up, those who quit. Perdition,