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To those who study them bones tell stories. Anthropologists who study the history of animal life read stories in the bones they find. They may find evidence of some species that has long since become extinct and look at their bones for the story behind why they died out. Human bones may also have a story to tell. If a human skeleton is discovered police investigators will study the bones to find out if there was a crime committed that caused the death of the person to whom the bones belonged. Historians sometimes study the bones of ancient peoples to see what humans ate at a particular time in a particular place. From a skeleton they may also be able to determine what type of health care an ancient civilization had or what activities were common among its people. From bones archeologists have uncovered information about everything from ancient battles to lost farming practices. A personís bones may reveal to a researcher his or her sex, age, and even race..
In the Word of God for our sermon this morning there is a message in the bones that Ezekiel saw. The LORD delivered a message to the people of Judah and also made a promise through the vision of dry bones that were brought to life. The dry bones in the valley were a picture of the spiritual condition of Godís people. They were those skeletons. They were spiritually dead and unable to serve God in any way. The story their bones told was a record of their sinful rebellion against God and their disregard for his Word. Sin had killed themótheir sins had sucked the spiritual life out of them. The second message in the bones that Ezekiel saw came from the miracle that gave them new life. That was a graphic picture of what God would do among his people through his powerful Word and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
Although we are separated from Ezekiel by at least 2500 years the message that the LORD gave to him in the bones that he saw applies to us. The prophet calls out to us:
I. Let Him show you that sin steals your spiritual life
II. Let Him give you the Holy Spirit as the source of new life
One significant event divided the prophetic work of Ezekiel. It was the capture and destruction of Jerusalem. Up to that point Ezekiel forcefully proclaimed Godís judgment on sin and he called his fellow countrymen to repentance. However, once Jerusalem had fallen and the Temple was destroyed, Ezekielís mission became one of consolation and hope. The spiritual danger after the fall of Jerusalem was not stubborn and proud rebellion but utter hopelessness and despair. Under those circumstances Ezekiel was directed to proclaim the hope of Godís forgiving grace and his promise of salvation.
The bones that Ezekiel saw in his vision didnít have a pleasant story to tell. Letís just suppose that Ezekiel called in a coroner to determine the cause of death of the people to whom the bones in the valley belonged. What would he have found