Today is a great day for men - Fatherís Day. Jesus would often use objects to get His truth into the hearts and minds of people, so they would remember it easily for long time and get the point. Fish, nets, fishing, bread, water, rivers, trees, fruit, vineyards, wooden board/pole, shepherd/sheep, etc.

So today we take an object - duct tape, something we use a lot guys - and see what truths God tells us as dads to live by.
You can do almost anything with one of the greatest things in life ever created - besides post-its - is duct tape.

ILLUS: When we were missionaries in Argentina they had a phrase that whatever it is that needs repair, you use wire and scotch tape and youíre good to go. But then, in the 90ís they were introduced to DUCT TAPE. I was a missionary of not just the Good News of Jesus Christ, but of duct tape. I would buy tons of it and bring it back to Argentina with us, then you could get it there in hardware stores and supermarts in our city. I used it everywhere and thy received the duct tape in their own lives and began to live by duct tape.

"The original olive-drab version of the tape was developed during World War II for a specific purpose: The military needed a tough, waterproof adhesive tape to seal ammunition cases and other containers.
At Permacell, a division of Johnson & Johnson, a research team led by John Denoye and Bill Gross set to work on a cloth tape that would be similar to surgical tape but tougher and water-resistant. They came up with a strip of cottonmesh cloth coated with a polyurethane sealant on one side (making it waterproof and allowing the tape to be peeled off the roll) and a thick coating of rubberbased adhesive on the other. According to an undocumented tradition, military personnel called the stuff duck tape, either because water rolled off it or because of the layer of cotton ďduckĒ cloth that formed its base. The amphibious vehicle known as the ďduckĒ (from DUKV, the manufacturerís classification code) may also have something to do with the name. Its use on ammunition cases led to another name, gun tape.
What made duck tape unique was its combination of a strong pressure-sensitive adhesive with a backing that could be torn by hand. Among countless applications, soldiers used it to mend boots, patch holes in tents, and strap equipment to jeeps and tanks. During the postwar housing boom ex-GIs found that duck tape was handy for sealing joints and insulation on ventilation and air-conditioning ducts. It changed from khaki to the familiar silvery gray and was christened, or rechristened, duct tape. Many people still call it duck tape, presumably because the two phrases sound almost identical. In the 1980s the Cleveland-based firm of Manco, Inc., capitalized on the persistence of the original term by marketing its tape under the registered trademark Duck tape.

Astronauts in the crippled Apollo 13 space capsule used duct tape to improvise
Helen Rainier of Clonmell United Methodist Church
June 8, 2011
I love giving Duct Tape as a Father''s Day gift I call it Man''s Best Friend. Now a sermon based on Scripture to go with it. Great. Loved the applications as well. Thanks.
Bobby Clement
June 19, 2009
Duct tape? Great object lesson and the applications you derived from it.