Eagle’s Strength

Psalm 27: 13 -14 –

Fainted – Overwhelmed, done in, given up, to tire as
from wearisome flight
Goodness – God’s ability to make things go well
Wait – To bind together by twisting

Isaiah 40:28 –31 –
Quick Summary

Verse 28 – God doesn’t get weary (gasp or get
exhausted, short of breath, worn out)
neither does he faint

Verse 29 – He gives power (force, ability, power,
Chameleon), He increases (enlarges, give an
abundance of) strength to those who have no
might (ability or power)

Verse 30 – Even the strongest among us will get –

He equates the strongest among us to the strength that comes from youth, the tireless or endless source of energy of a child or young man. Example of gym class and the students doing the Presidential Challenge for Physical Fitness the mile run.

 Weary - run out of breath to the point of
 Faint – tire from the wearisome flight
 Utterly Fall- totter or waver through the
weakness of the legs especially
the ankles, to stumble or fall.

The Remedy – Verse 31

Wait – To bind together by twisting
Renew – Pass on
Slide by
Mount – Ascend up
To climb
Dawn like the sun rising on a new day
Walk – To carry, to bear

When we come to that place of growing weary, fainting and giving up God has provided us with a means and an example of renewing or changing our present condition. Study the eagle and we will understand the process of changing or being renewed.

Character Traits of an Eagle – Characteristics we derive from
the Eagle
1. Strength
2. Keenness – Eagle Eye
3. Swiftness
4. Courage
5. Freedom


1. 7ft. wing span
2. 12 pounds in weight
3. keen eye sight - spot a rabbit at 2miles
4. 270 degree peripheral vision
5. Acute depth perception
6. Clear membrane that protects it’s eye
7. It’s strength enables it to carry well over it’s own body weight – reported an eagle carrying a baby lamb.

8. It replaces it’s feathers each year –
 What is unique about the eagle when molting it never is left incapacitated like some molting birds.
 They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength – they shall replenish, replace or refresh themselves
 Psalm 103:5 – youth is renewed like the eagles

The Flight of an Eagle – Proverbs 30:18-19

1. Reach speeds of over 150 miles per hour
2. Soars to heights of 1/2 miles
3. Dives at speeds of 200 miles per hour
4. Glides at altitudes of over 2,500 feet
 Does all this and appear to do it so effortlessly
 Eagle’s