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Eight people who will not go to heaven.
Revelation 21:8. 07/11/04

I want you to turn to the book of Revelation 21:8, and I want to preach a message about eight people in Sandy Ridge who will not go to heaven. Letís read the verse.
There are some who believe the modern-day preacher should not preach on hell. But I want you to know as long as it is in the Bible it needs to be preached. As a matter of fact, Jesus preached more about hell than any preacher I know. When Jesus preached about hell, he did not preach it with a smile on his face but tears in his eyes, because he came to seek and to save the lost. He gave his life that no one would have to go to hell if they would accept him.
The reason people donít want the preacher to preach about hell is because it makes them think of death. We donít like to think about cancer, but it is real. We donít like to think about heart disease, but it is a reality. We donít like to think of death but it happens. So Jesus has provided a way that we can live an eternity in heaven after this life. But unfortunately, there are eight people in Sandy Ridge who ignore and reject the way Jesus has provided. Letís take a look at those eight people.
No. 1 THE FEARFUL. The fearful head the list of the eight. Now who are the fearful? The fearful are those who care more about what man thinks of them than what God knows about them. They donít have the courage to stand for Jesus in their workplace. They donít have the courage to stand for Jesus in their schools and colleges. They are fearful that man may call them a fanatic, a Bible thumper and a Christian. But you listen; Jesus suffered the name calling for you and me and never had a second thought.
No. 2 THE UNBELIEVING. I am talking about those who laugh at the things of God. Those who do not read their Bible and listen to the preacher. Those who trample the blood of Jesus and mock the cross. The Bible says the unbeliever will be in hell.
Now I am not only talking about those who do not believe the Bible but also those who have never committed their life to Jesus. They can believe the Bible with their head and die and go to hell because they donít embrace Jesus in the heart. They donít know what it is to be born-again. And the Bible says except a man be born-again, he will not see heaven. If that is you, then you are classified in the unbelieving group.
No. 3 THE ABOMINABLE. Now what does that word mean? This is the word that refers to sexual perversion. Those who live only for the lust of the flesh and their own selfish desires. Those who misuse Godís gift of sex into something that is perverted. The homosexual, the adulterer, the child molester and the pornographer. That doesnít mean these people cannot be saved, because they can if they repent and trust Jesus. If they do not, then the only thing that keeps them from hell is time.
No. 4 THE MURDERERS. You say that leaves me out because I have never killed anyone. But you know