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Ravi Zacharias, a Christian intellectual who travels around the world lecturing in secular settings on spiritual themes, tells of an experience he had in Columbus, Ohio. He writes, ďA few weeks ago, I did a lectureship at Ohio State University. As I was being driven to the lecture, we passed the new Wexner Art Center. The driver said, ĎThis is a new art building for the university. It is a fascinating building designed in the post-modernist view of reality.í The building has no pattern. Staircases go nowhere. Pillars support nothing. The architect designed the building to reflect life. It went nowhere and was mindless and senseless. I turned to the man describing it and asked, ĎDid they do the same thing with the foundation?í He laughed. You canít do that with a foundation. You can get away with the infrastructure. You can get away with random thoughts that sound good in defense of a world view that ultimately doesnít make sense. Once you start tampering with the foundations, you begin to see the serious effects.Ē

The problem in our culture is that ideologically we not only have staircases going nowhere and pillars supporting nothing, but we are also tampering with the foundations. The whole world is built on the foundation of Godís Word. The Bible is not just a book of religious writings, its words are what the world is built upon. God is the Designer and Architect of the world. His will and his laws are the foundation of life. If the foundation is not there, the whole building begins to crumble, no matter how beautiful it is. But we live in a relativistic age which questions truth and outrightly rejects the Word of God. Unless there is a turnaround, we will find our culture collapsing upon itself. When God created the world he built it upon his laws and principles. And whether we agree with them or not, like them or not, we either accept them or accept the consequences of breaking them. Those laws and principles are carefully spelled out in Godís book, the Word of God, which we call the Bible. If all of life is based on the principles found there, then it is extremely important that we are acquainted with what this book says. Reading the Bible is not an obligation, it is a gift. It is the source of our strength. It develops our mindset and attitudes. It helps us to know who God is and what he is like. By reading the Bible we discover Godís character. It tells us what his will for our lives is. It gives us daily encouragement and a positive outlook on life. But this does not happen without reading Godís book.

The first point I would like to emphasize this morning is: Being a student of the Word takes effort. This sermon is for those who want there to be more to their spiritual lives than merely being forgiven of their sins and being assured of a place in heaven. It is for those who want more than just being a Christian, they want to be disciples of Jesus Christ. They want their character to mirror
Scott Reeves of Neel Umc
August 26, 2014
This is an excellent message to bring to a congregation telling them why opening the Bible for themselves is important. Very well done Rev. Buchanan.
As good a message on the importance of Bible reading as one can hope to read. Power-packed illustrations was an icing on the cake.