Extreme Makeover
Sermon By CH(CPT) Keith J. Andrews
All scripture marked ESV: The Holy Bible : English standard version. 2001. Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.

We are continuing our series this week on Rebuilding the Temple in Our Heart, while looking at the book of Haggai.

Today we are looking at Haggai chapter 2.

As I begin this morning, I have to confess that I like reality TV. I know, I shouldn’t, but I’m guilty. I love to know all of the gossip and all the drama. I love to all up in their business.

Several years ago, a reality TV show started on ABC called; Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I always wonder what other editions there are. I know there was just a Extreme Makeover—where the show revolved around plastic surgery and other things. That was over the top for me.

But the Home Edition, I can handle, even though it is melodrama and tear jerking at its best.

Each episode features a story about a family in need of a new home—they may have a family member with Cancer, a rare disease, or, I’ve even seen them work on a house of a wounded Veteran—that’s cool.

So, they start with the old house and typically bulldoze the entire thing, and rebuild a house in it’s place.

As we will look at today, this is the same thing that will happen in the Temple in Our Hearts as we begin to turn our attention Godward.

We are looking at the book of Haggai, in the second chapter.

Here we see the people of Israel committed to rebuilding the temple. They have waited 14 years to restart this project, and after the prophetic words of Haggai, then decide to rebuild this Temple.

As we look at this passage we see God’s charge to the people of Israel and his promise that the Temple will be rebuilt, and one day the “glory of this house shall be greater than the former.”

And this is true in our lives as well. The temple that is in our hearts will be greater than the former, but just as the Israelites didn’t have to wait until then end times to experience this neither do we.

1. And in starting now, we need to look at where we are and where we’ve been.

Haggai says in verse 3:

3 ‘Who is left among you who saw this house in its former glory? How do you see it now? Is it not as nothing in your eyes? (Hag 2:3, ESV).

Their were very few people that remembered the temple as it was before. The Israelites had been in captivity for 70 years, then another 14 years waiting for it to get to this point—so for those that would be old enough to remember the old temple, they had to at least be around 95 or so.

None of remember the United States Civil War.

The last Union Veteran died on August 2, 1956 at age 109 and the last Confederate Veteran died on March 16, 1958 at 112.

The last widow of a Civil War Veteran dies on Memorial day May 31, 2004, she was 97.

MSBC wrote;

“Her May-December marriage in the 1920s to Civil War Veteran William Jasper Martin and her longevity made her a celebrated final link to the old Confederacy.