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Sherwood Baptist Church has one of the most dynamic media ministries of any church in America. They have produced Facing the Giants, arguably the best feature-length movie ever made by a local church. It’s a God-glorifying, excellently created sports film in the tradition of Hoosiers, Remember the Titans, and Friday Night Lights. Facing the Giants is being released by Sony/Goodwyn and will be in theaters on September 29th.

Accompanying the movie are numerous sermons by such leaders at Johnny Hunt of Woodstock Baptist Church, Michael Catt, Pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church, and Dr. Jay Strack of the Student Leadership Network. You may copy and paste the following links to access these sermons:

1. Evidence of Christian Growth (Johnny Hunt)

2. Overcoming The Grasshopper Syndrome (Dr. Jay Strack)

3. Faith to Face Your Impossibilities (Michael Catt)

4. Hearing God When You’re Hurting (Michael Catt)

5. It’s Always Too Soon to Quit (Michael Catt) URL:

6. What Does It Mean to Live By Faith? (Ron Dunn)

7. Will a Man Serve God for Nothing? (Ron Dunn)

Also, a study curriculum that accompanies the movie may be downloaded at:

Faith to Face Your Impossibilities
Joshua 3:1-17
Michael Catt

During WWII, my dad’s brother was in the Seabees, the naval construction battalion. He did a lot of work in the Pacific. After the marines would come in and land on an island. They would build roads and they would build camps. I love the slogan for the Seabees. It says, “The difficult we will do immediately; the impossible may take a little longer.” The great thing about our God is the impossible doesn’t take him any longer. There is no difference in the eyes of God between the difficult and the impossible. However, there are some reasons why we get to the edge, but then quit and fall short of walking in the life that God intends for us. In the movie, Facing the Giants, the team thought the playoffs were impossible, but Coach Taylor challenged them to believe God. What causes us to give up on the seemingly impossible?

1) We trust in fleshly wisdom rather than in the Word of God. In other words, when we begin to say, “I think,” instead of, “God says,” we’ll fall short. What we think can be challenged, refuted and argued about, but what God says is forever. And God’s word is true forever. Ten of the twelve spies