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Faith that Releases the Power of God


Sermon shared by David Mende

May 2005
Summary: In this sermon, you will see the kind of faith that was demonstrated by the woman who was suffering for 12 long years. Please take time to give your feedback for this sermon.
Denomination: Assembly of God
Audience: General adults
Faith that releases the power of God

(Preached on 01/05/05, Sunday evening)

Text: Mk. 5:25-34; Parallels – Mt. 9:20-22; Lk. 8:43-48

This woman suffered for 12 long years – amplify and explain.
Her condition grew worse because of doctors.
What is that faith that releases the power of God?

1. She heard of Jesus (v.27)
Prov. 25:25 – “Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.”
Today, we hardly get to hear or read any good news on TV or newspapers.
Rom. 10:17
Phil. 4:8
What are you meditating on? – newspapers, magazines, TV, movies or the Word of God?

2. She spoke the words of faith (Mt. 9:21)
She didn’t speak unbelief.
But she spoke faith!
Her confession was within herself, not necessarily aloud.
Mk. 11:23 – say
Vv. 23-24 – faith and grace – like sodium and chlorine.
Faith doesn’t move God.
He had already moved by His grace.
Faith moves us and shakes the devil!
Faith is not faking it until you make it.
Faith is not saying it is so when it really isn’t so, so that it can become so.
Our faith is based on the Word of God.
Prov. 18:21
Before we see something on the outside, we have to see it on the inside.

3. She acted on her faith (Mk. 5:27)
This woman could have very easily stayed at home fearing her defiled condition (see Lev. 15:25-31).
This woman was not passive.
James 2:17 – Faith without works is dead.
Both orthodoxy and orthopraxy are important.
She pressed through the crowd.
Illustration – if a famous preacher walks through the Indian streets, what would happen?
Jesus had a great following and there might have been scores of people who were trying to touch and meet Jesus.
People might have pushed her and stamped her.
But she was persistent.
Mk. 5:30 – power had gone out of Him.
Dunamis (dynamite) = power
Many people touched Jesus.
But this woman touched Jesus by her faith!

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