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OPEN: A Scotsman, was taking a trip to the Holy Land, and when he got to the Sea of Galilee he was aghast when he found it would cost fifty dollars an hour to rent a boat to go out on the water.
"Hoot mon," he said, "in Scotland I could ha got a boat for about $20."
"That might be true," said the boat man, "but you have to take into account that the Sea of Galilee is water on which our Lord Himself walked."
"Well, at $50 an hour," said the Scotsman, "itís little wonder He walked."

APPLY: How much would you pay to walk where Jesus walked?

ILLUS: About 6 yrs ago, someone built a 262 ft. long transparent bridge just below the surface of the Sea of Galilee so that visitors - for a nominal cost - could walk on the waterÖ kinda like Jesus did (based on an article in Time magazine Feb. 22, 99 p. 26)

What would you do if you had the chance to walk where Jesus walked?

Our story today tells about a man who got that opportunity.
He didnít have to pay $50 for a boat ride.
He didnít have to pay a nominal fee to walk out on a transparent bridge.
He was out on the sea because Jesus sent Him there, and he got to walk on the water because Jesus called for him to do so.
And he didnít have to pay a dime for the privilege

Well, actually, there was a price Peter had to pay.
Earlier, in the 4th chapter of Matthew - Jesus challenged him (and the others) with this statement: ďFollow me, and I will MAKE you fishers of men.Ē Matthew 4:19

There was a price that Peter (and the other disciples) had to pay for their experiences. They had to allow Jesus to MAKE them into the kind of men He wanted them to be.

Now, generally Ė when people think about being fishermen
* they think lures and bait and fishing line and what kind of pole you need
* they think about technique
* and they think location - what part of the lake or river has the most fish

But good fishermen actually need something more.
They need the right attitude
All the technique and knowledge and gadgets will do no good if the person doesnít have the right attitude.

Now I, for example, donít have the right attitude to be good fisherman. I donít have what it takes to patiently sit in a boat or stand on the shore, or walk around in the water for hours on end waiting for a fish to take the bait.

If I want to catch a fish Iíll take my wife down to grocery store, stand in the frozen food section and have her throw me a package of fish.

I donít have what it takes to be a fisherman.
I donít have the patienceÖ the desireÖ the need to go fishing.
I just donít have the right attitude to be a good fisherman.

Peter, James and John Ė were fisherman. They had plied their trade on the very sea that they saw Jesus walk on the water. But they were not yet the kind of fishermen Jesus wanted them to be. They didnít yet have the attitude necessary to become what Jesus wanted them to be.
They lacked was the right attitude. The attitude they lacked was that of faith the
Great sermon Bro. Jeff ... I love the intro!
Danny Brightwell
January 22, 2014
Another great one. Thanx for sharing.