It is essential as well as imperative to know that today we are dealing with a subject that has been misconstrued by many. This subject has derived from the thoughts of those who spend lest time with God and more time with man. In understanding the subject for today, you as a believer must sit back and question your relationship with God. It also leads me to know that this subject will befuddle you if you arenít walking circumspectly to the word of God.

The word favor derives from the Greek word: chaphets(khaw-fatesí) and it means to be: pleased with. The definition we are gained from Webster messes our minds up. Webster says that "favor" is: A gracious, friendly, or obliging act that is freely granted. Here we need to understand some things. Godís favor, what weíre talking about today is never freely granted. I know many of you have missed the point already. When God blesses you and I, many times itís on an account of what we have done. It is not because of no degrees, no physical apperance, or no other thing that man is compelled too.

When God blesss his people, it is on account of what has transpired from the bedroom of our holy temple to the rooftops of our kingdom vessels. You should never think Godís blessings are a favor to you. There is a difference in favor and doing a favor. Favor is divine appointment from God. We do favors for each other on account of what you have done for me. Favors in the natural are done on accounts of things previously done by the individual in which you are asking the favor from. God is the same way, itís just in the spiritual arena of this discussion. Godís favor is done by the time that is spent with him and by seeking his face diligently.

Here in Genesis 39, we are dealing with a young man by the name of Joseph. Joseph was a familiar character who experiences God in a different spectrum. Joseph experiences God through hardships and trials. He is allowed the favor of God through his troubles. These things Joseph is enduring are building his character for the blessings heís about to enter into.

If we go back to Genesis 37, we see God is beginning the process in Josephís life by showing him the things he shall do in a dream. In this dream, God is skilling Joseph and maturing/nuturing him into the progress of his present ministry. Here we see two main things happen: (1) Joseph is afraid of how he will be viewed by his family; and (2) Josephís family is jealous and his brothers are plotting to kill him.

Here, I need to interject some main thoughts. You cannot see and experience God until you ask God to erase jealousy out of your heart. I donít understand how christians are always degrading someone else when everything in there life is dirty. The bible lets us to know that we are to rejoice when we see our sister or brother rejoicing. It is funny how we only want people to rejoice with us, but we canít rejoice with no one else. This is not the will of God. You should be so