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Whether we like to admit it or not, Christians are at war. We are constantly having to deal with the devil. The conflict can at times be overwhelming, yet God gives us the resouces that we need to fight the good fight of faith. May this simple study be a great help in your Spiritual walk and warfare...

I. The Exhortation to Warfare. (vs. 10)

A. To recognize that the Lord is the source of victory. (vs. ba)

B. To recognize that the Lord is the strength for victory. (vs. lOb)

II. The Enemy in Warfare. (vs. 11)

A. Need to be suited up against the enemy.(vs. ha)

B. Need to be standing up against the enemy. (vs. Jib)

III. The Enduring during Warfare. (vs. 12-18)

A. Loins girded with truth. (vs. 12-14a)

B. Breastplate of righteousness. (vs. 14b)

C. Feet shod with preparation of the Gospel of peace. (vs. 15)

D. Shield of faith. (vs. 16)

E. Helmet of salvation. (vs. 17a)

F. Sword of Spirit (Word of God). (vs. 17b)

G. Prayer. (vs. 18)

IV.The Encouragement for Warfare. (vs. 19-2 4)

A. Encouragement came through communication. (vs. 19-21)

B. Encouragement comes as comfort. (vs. 22-24)