ďFill My Cup, LordĒ

The subject upon which we will dwell this morning, is no doubt one that Satan would rather we not explore. Why? because today it is my intention to make known to you an unbeatable weapon provided to us by God. Now this particular weapon is included in the spiritual arsenal that every Christian receives when he or she reports for duty, but yet you may not
even realize that you have it. Not only is this weapon both offensive and defensive in nature, but it carries with it more than enough power to completely defeat our enemy. But unfortunately, like most of our VCRs that are always blinking 12:00, few people have a clue as to how to get the most out of it. And, because of our inability to fully understand and utilize this weapon, we easily become bored with it--in fact, chances are good that many of you routinely fall asleep while trying to use it.
If you havenít guessed it already, our message this morning is all about prayer. Prayer is something that is absolutely vital to our spiritual well-being, in fact, aside from being a spiritual weapon, it has been rightly described as Ďbreathing for the soul.í Thatís how important it is; so this morning, open your ears and your hearts, tune out any and every distraction as we explore together this powerful yet often under-estimated phenomenon.
The best way that I can think to describe prayer is that prayer for the faithful believer can become Ďspiritual wingsí by which we can potentially ascend into the very midst of heaven. But as I said earlier, far too many Christians today have yet to truly test these magnificent wings. And thatís a shame because these particular wings were designed for soaring upon the warm currents of Godís love, enabling the believing soul to rise high above any and every obstacle that we face here on this earth--thatís exactly what prayer can do!
But just as baby birds, who are not born ready to fly above the highest tree tops-- neither are we born knowing how to pray in the most effective and spiritually uplifting ways. You see, there is a process or a series of stages by which God Himself teaches us to use our prayer wings. And as we go along this morning youíll realize that each stage of prayer seems to prepare us for--if not lead us directly into the next stage.
Today we will talk about four main stages or types of prayer. The first one that we want to consider is the most common type by far and amazingly enough, this prayer is sometimes uttered by people who donít even profess to believe in God-- in fact itís almost involuntary at times. Weíll call this prayer the Ďprayer of desperation.í
It would be safe to say that out of all the prayers made to Jesus in the bible, nine out of ten were of this very type. Prayers not offered in a calm spiritual manner--but abruptly wrung out of some distraught soul by a terrible affliction or pressing emergency. In fact, what these prayers lack in spirituality, they more than