A man went in to see a banker about a loan.
Banker: How much would you like to borrow?
Man: One Million Dollars
Banker: Thatís a lot of money.
Man: Is that a problem? I could go talk with a bank that has more money if I need to.
Banker: On no itís no problem at all. We loan large sums of money all the time.
Man: Thatís good.
Banker: Sir what do you intend to use as collateral?
Man: Collateral? Whatís that?
Banker: Thatís property or other assets you use as a guarantee for the loan. Should you default on the loan, the bank would be legally entitled to the collateral to pay off the loan.
Man: Oh, well Iím not giving you any collateral. You canít have MY STUFF it belongs to me.
Banker: I see. Tell me sir what do you intend to do with this money?
Man: Thatís none of your business what I do with my money. Iím going to be a millionaire and Iíll do as I please with my money.
Banker: I see. Sir what type of work do you do?
Man: Work?
Banker: Yes, where are you employed?
Man: Oh I donít need a job cuz Iím going to be a millionaire, so I donít work.
Banker: I see, so what do you do all day?
Man: I do as I please. If I feel like sleeping in I do, if I want to watch TV then I do that. As a millionaire I can do anything I want to.
Banker: I see, sir how do you intend to repay this loan?
Man: What do you mean repay the loan?
Banker: Well you see sir; you have an obligation to give the money back to the bank with interest.
Man: Interest? Whatís that?
Banker: Thatís the percentage rate we charge you for having the loan from the bank. Itís the amount you pay the bank for the loan
Man: Oh well Iím not going to pay you anything for my money and Iím not going to give any of it back either. My million dollars is for me not you.
Banker: I see; sir we have a name for people like you.
Man: Yea I knowómillionaire!
Banker: No sir, youíre a thief.
Man: Why Iím not a criminal! Iíve never been so insulted in all my life; Iím taking my business elsewhere!

So do you think this guy will ever get his loan and be a millionaire? One thing is for sure, if he ever does get the money at least heís an honest thief!

This morning we are going to continue our series of messages from the book of Proverbs ďWisdom for Right Living.Ē So far we have looked at six keys to having wisdom for our daily lives, and today we will look at the seventh key Ė Financial Wisdom. Letís do a quick review of keys #1-6 and then move right into key #7.

Key #1: Start with God; Fear the Lord. (Proverbs 1:7)
The fear of the Lord is active; our lives will be changed from the inside out.

Key #2: Learn wisdom from those who fear the Lord. (Proverbs 1:8-19)
Donít go it alone. Surround yourself with those who fear the Lord.

Key #3: Answer wisdomís call; wisdom is found in our daily choices. (Proverbs 1:20-21)
Jesus gives us wisdom in our daily routine; He reveals the mind of God for our lives. Wisdom is not earned