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Subject: Godís Will
Scripture: Mark 14.32-42
Sermon: ďFinding Godís Will In Our World
Scope: This sermon should challenge hearers to seek Godís will.
Summary: We will not find Godís will until we have no will of our own.
Segue: Letís examine the steps we must take to find Godís will for our lives.

Introduction: Finding Godís will with a mentalist: Pick a number between one and ten. Multiply that number by two. Add eight to the new number. Divide that number by two. Now subtract your original number from this result. Remember that number. If one = A, two=B, three = C, etc. convert your number to a letter. Your letter is D.

Finding Godís will does not have to be that complicated. It is not a magic trick or a guessing game. Finding Godís will, ought to the earnest desire of every believer. In our text today we find Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. As He agonized over the Fatherís will, He taught us how to discover Godís will for our life.

I. His will is found by those who have witnessed God (vs 32).
a. Know Him Personally.
b. Know Him Practically.

II. His will is found by those who are walking with God (vs 33).
a. We will not discover Godís will for our lives until we have no will of our own.
b. We will not discover His joy or peace until we walk in His will.

III. His will is found by those who wait with God (vs 34-35).
a. Keep a daily appointment with God.
b. Attend weekly worship with His body.
c. Faithfully augment His Kingdom with your Ė time, talents, & treasures.

IV. His will is found by those who watch for God (vs 37-38).
a. Asking
b. Seeking
c. Knocking

V. His will is found by those who willfully submit to God (vs 36).
a. How can you know that itís Godís leadership?
i. Is it consistent with the Word?
ii. Does it celebrate Jesus (bring honor & glory to Him).
iii. It will conflict with Human wisdom.
iv. It will clash with the flesh.
v. It will challenge our faith.

Application: Do you hunger to know the will of God? Are you willing to pay the price to discover His will for your life? Itís worth whatever price you must pay!