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TITLE : FINDING ONES CALLING (Adapted from a paper written by Fr. Thomas Hopko)

TEXT: St. Matthew 22:14

• Have you ever got up in the morning and while you were brushing your teeth asked yourself this question – “Why on earth am I here?”Ever thought, I know God has something for me but I am not sure what it is? Ever said – “How come others know their calling but I don’t?”
• Well the good news is you can! 
Everyone has a divine (religious) call –
• This does not mean everyone is called to be ordained, read or acolyte.
• Everyone is called to serve God and their fellow human beings in some form of life which God Himself wills.
• This is not necessarily a job or profession
o Some may be called to suffer in this life and bear the results of the fall.
 Mental Retardation
 Disease, Victimization
o This is their call and they are blessed by God and loved by Christ as they accept the calling.
• Have you ever met people and just thought – “They just can’t catch a break.” Maybe they are just really good at their call 

PROPOSITION: Jesus said – “Many are called but few are chosen.” Those who are rejected are so not because they do not have a call from God but because they refuse to accept it.

ORIENTATION: The goal of my sermon today is to help you understand and accept your call.

TRANSITION: So lets begin with this point…


• Your Call is Common

o In one sense all of us have the same call – To Become a Saint.

 Romans 1:7 – “To all God’s beloved in Rome, who are called to be saints.”

o We were made to fulfill “ourselves” to become image and likeness of Christ. (Gen. 2)

o God has commanded this of us and as such (In HIM) it is possible:
 Mt 5:48 - “You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”
o God has done all He can to help us by sending His Holy Spirit.
o All has been given by God and the rest is up to us, to choose to cooperate with Him.

• Your Call Is Unique

o While all are called to be saints we are called to do it in our own unique way.
 Some will sanctify their lives being single, others married.
 Some will be ordained, others will be lay people. Some will suffer greatly, other not much at all
 Some are Artists, Scientists, Business people


o Flowers are called to be flowers, the more they are flowers the more they bring glory to God. But some flowers bring glory by being red, others blue. Some tall others short, some perennial others not…
o The same is true with you, your called to be a Saint, Saint (Fill in name.) But you may have to suffer, you may not. You may be rich or poor and in that sense your call is unique to you.

o The first step in finding ones call in life is knowing it exists!

o Your call is to BECOME A SAINT.

o Secondly we must understand the commonality