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Finding the Right Priorities in Life

John 4:31-38

Are any of you busy?

One of the great revelations of life is that while some folks will spend a lot of their later years relaxing, many people retire only to discover that if they hadnít, they wouldnít have had enough time to hold down a full-time job anyway!

My experience has been that at every stage of ministry I believed that I was a busy man. When we were youth pastors I believed that I was really going after it. We were really pushed for time. Then we became ďreal pastorsĒ of a small church and there were weeks when I didnít know how I would get everything accomplished.

About three years ago we moved to Rock Falls and it took me six months to get some sort of a handle on my life. It felt like I was treading water in those moments right before you know you canít do it any longer. It was crazy!!

Weíre busy people. Before and after the service Iíll talk to some of you and thatís the sense I get Ė your lives are filled with kids, grandkids, errands, ballgames, work, doctor visits, on and on.

Sometimes it becomes so much that the pressure begins to build and we become stressed. These next few weeks weíre going to talk about what itís like to be under pressure and what we the Bible says we can do to deal with it.
No matter what stage your life is in, student, single, married, parent, grandparent, working, retired, there is pressure out there for you. I know itís there. I feel it. Let me tell you that some weeks, as much as I love preaching and the fellowship of our Sunday services, Iím living for Sunday night. After about 8pm on Sunday thereís a window of time without pressure that I enjoy so very much!

Amazingly, those are some of the moments Ė when the pressure is off Ė when Iím most able to hear from God. Heíll just drop ideas and thoughts into my head during those times that get me moving toward the next goal or the next Sunday. Thatís what helps me understand that maybe under pressure is not the most healthy and productive place for us to live.

One of the keys to dealing with and in many cases releasing the pressure we face is ďFinding the Right Priorities in Life.Ē Thatís what weíre going to talk about this morning.

If you have your Bible with you, turn with me to the book of John, chapter 4.

How many of you think that Jesus was busy?

Weíve talked in recent weeks about the fact that he was in fact inundated with requests for prayer and healing wherever he went. As a matter of fact, it became so difficult that he and his closest associates would enter and community and be swamped from the moment word of their arrival got out, so much so that there would not even be time for them to eat.

As a result, Mark 1:45 tells us, ďAs a result, Jesus could no longer enter a town openly but stayed outside in lonely places. Yet the people still came to him from everywhere.Ē

Jesus was a very busy guy! Often when people get busy, even in the ministry, they lose