child there is no easy sailing in the Christian life....

Jeremiah had been led to undertake the prophetic mission with assurances of success and
victory, and he was surprised when he was met only with contempt and apparent failure.
Letís turn to Jeremaih 1 verses 17 through 19 (read) So many have enetered the service
of the Lord with much confidence in the joy, but little anticipation of the trouble it would
bring. Like superman they had in mind to do great exploits, but never thought of having a
dull moment. They are going to leap high walls, fly over the land, and do everything in a
single bounce....

Are you surprised of what God is taking you through on this Christian journey? Are you
angry with God for what you are going through? Do you sometimes feel that God has
deceived you and you want to go on a spiritual strike? I wont worship with the saints
anymore, because they are not what I thought them to be. All those folks are hypocrites
and so I will just stay home and watch Bishop T, beacuse he seems to be alright.

Jeremiah the prophet of God; the one who God had ordained and commissioned to preach
Godís Word, in verse 7 of our text starts to complain (read verse 7) Here Jeremiah complains that God has deceived him. The God who canít lie, Jeremiah says has deceived him. The God who canít make a mistake, Jeremiah says has deceived him. The God who is
perfect in all his ways, Jeremiah says has deceived him. That word deceive means, to mislead, to persuade oneself to believe something that is not true, to make someone believe what is false...

Jeremiah was saying that he was trying to be Godís spokesman, but this has won him only derision. He has answered Godís call, but now he is the laughing-stock. What do you do when you are trying to do the right thing, and people are making fun at you? What do you do when you are serving God the best you know how, and church folks tell you, you donít
have to do all that? Do you please God, or do you try to please folks? Saints of God donít let folks drive you crazy. It seems there are folks who have the gift of driving people crazy. They know how to use their gift. They are experts at using their gift.

Jeremiah Godís prophet had reached a stage in his life when he felt down. To him, he was deceived by God, and now he is the laughing stock of those around him. In verse 8 of our text, Jeremiahís consistent message had been that God will punish the peoiple unless they repent. Guess what, the people have not repented, God has not punished them in the way
Jeremiah predicted, and so Jeremiah is made the laughing-stock by the people.

If you feel God has deceived you; if you feel you are the laughing-stock of those around
you, what would you do? Look what Jeremiah said in the first portion of verse 9, I will
not make mention of him, nor speak any more in his name.. Jeremiah had stretched out his hand, but the people to whom he was sent refused; he had called, but they