Sunday Morning - July 25th, 2004

Let us pray


We were blessed last Sunday as Rev. Ron Schuckert shared the Word of God with us....

As Christians this morning we all should have a testimony to share of what God has done
for us. It is very easy to talk about what God did for you 20 or 30 years ago, but what has
God done for you lately? What is God doing for you right now? I believe I have a
testimony to share. You might say that is not much to share, but it is my testimony of what
God has done for me.

On July 12th, I attended the funeral service in Cleveland, Ohio, of a dear friend of mine
who went home to be with the Lord. On my way to the service that morning I had planned
to stop and get some gas, but we were running late, and so I decided to wait, After the
service.....(relate story.)

There are many today who are in the Christian race, everything appears to be alright but
they are running on empty, and they need a fill-up. On the highway I was traveling with a
group, I could apply my brakes, I could toot my horn, I could turn my headlights off and
on, everything appeared normal, but I was running on empty. There are many today who
are coming to the house of God, everything appears to be alright; they know how to clap
their hands, they know how to stomp their feet, they know how to say amen at the right
time, but their is an emptiness on the inside that needs to be filled. Today you are at the
filling station, and you do not have to leave here empty, because you can be filled

Our theme this year is "Glorifying God," and our key verse is taken from Matthew 5
verse 16, which says, Let your light so shine before men..............Each week we have a
verse to memorize, and our verse for this week is taken from Romans 12 verse 2 and is
found on page 6 of your bulletin. Letís say that verse together, And be not conformed to
this world; but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove
what is that good, and perfect will of God." ...

Please turn with me in your bibles to Jeremiah 20 verses 7 through 13. Letís all stand and read together. Please tell someone, It is not wise to play
with fire. My topic for today is, Fire in my bones.

Jeremiah was ordained by God to be a prophet while he was in the womb, and he was called to be a messenger of God. In Jeremiah 1 verses 5 trough 8 we read these words (read).......... This man who was called by God; this man who was ordained by God; this
man who was commissioned by God; somehow changed his tune in Jeremiah chapter 20. There was a man called Pashur, who was the chief officer of the temple, he heard Jeremiahís preaching, and so he beat him and put hin in the stocks overnight. Jeremiah
had been in serious trouble before, but this event is his first recorded physical suffering. I
want someone to know today, if you are Godís child there will be some suffering along the
way.........elaborate.....if you are Godís