TEXT: Various
SERIES: The Growing Church (part 2)
TOPIC: Evangelism
OCCASION: Burnside Christian Church, May 4, 2008
PROP.: Letís explore the issues of why we donít evangelize!!!

INTRODUCTION: Good morning! During the month of May, our focus now turns to becoming the Growing Church part two. What does that mean? That means that during the month of May, we are going to be teaching and preaching about the one Christian discipline is the most necessary for Christianity to continue, but itís also the most dreaded: EVANGELISM!

The Wizard of Oz. This was one of the first movies I can remember watching as a kid. The characters were memorable and vivid. The heroes were real. The villains were scary! Raise your hand, and be honest now. How many of you were scared of the wicked witch of the west? I think the wicked witch of the west was played by my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. WhaleyÖshe was scary!!!!

Iíve entitled this morningís message: Follow the Yellow Brick Road! Because thatís what weíre called to do in life!

You see, as I think about the Wizard of Oz and think about that movie, there are many parallels that compare to the Christian life.

We are on a journey to get home!
We have an enemy who wants to prevent us from making it home!
We have companions with whom we will travel until our destination is reached
Be on the look out for flying monkeys!

We are on a journey to get home. As we travel this life, we will have many encountersÖsome goodÖsome bad.

Today, I want to use this beloved movie and more importantly, the characters IN the movie to teach us about the difficult topic of evangelism.

T.S.: Letís look at the reasons we arenít reaching the lostÖ

First, letís look at the
I. The Scarecrow syndrome (I donít know enough!)
If I only had a brain, THEN I could reach people for Christ!
This is the excuse that says: I DONíT KNOW ENOUGH!

A. The Bible is complex!
--66 different books
--1,189 different chapters
--nearly 3500 years old
--dozens of authors
--thousands of characters
--inspired by God
--hundreds of prophecies

Itís true, the Bible is complex. There are things that we will never understand nor comprehend until eternity.

You see, this excuse comes up often. Well I just donít know the Bible well enough.
We feel inadequate to share the good news because we canít even tell you the books of the Bible in order, or name the 12 disciples, and while that is a problem, itís not an excuse to not share the Good news!

Because hereís the TRUTH:

B. The Good news of Jesus Christ is simple!
--Salvation was intended for all men. Educated and non-educated a like! Colossians 3:11 tells us that Jesus Christ is for Slaves, free men, barbarians, Jews, Greeks, and Gentiles. He is intended for EVERY person! Regardless of I.Q. or social skills. So the message of Jesus Christ is simple! Hereís the message:

1st John 5:12