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"For They That Be With US Are More Than They That Be With THEM..."

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Jun 22, 2004
Denomination: Baptist
Audience: Adults

Summary: There are those times when well all have to rise above our circumstances. Our question for today is, Will I be able when that time comes? Yes. No matter our situation God is able and He has proven it time and time again. Let’s see an example together!


These are tough times. My grandmother used to say, "In times like these it’s always best to remember, there’s always been times like these!"

But how do we rise above our circumstances?

It has always been God’s plan we are victorious regardless of our adversaries. This message and plan can be seen in the situation God’s people found themselves in II Kings. Let’s examine it together!

Main Division

I. An Enemy To Be Dreaded (II Kings 6:8)

II. An Enlightenment That Was Divine (II Kings 6:9-14)

III. An Entrapment That Was Dramatic (II Kings 6:15-23)

Conclusion: Though the enemy surrounds you God will provide as way of Victory!

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