Genesis Series #47 May 19, 2002
Title: Four Principles For Receiving Godís Guidance

Welcome to New life in Christ. Today we continue with message #47 in our verse-by-verse study of the Book of Genesis.

Read Genesis 24:1-63

Opening Prayer

Illustration: A flight attendant spent a weekís vacation in the Rockies. She was captivated by the mountain peaks, the clear blue skies, and the sweet smelling pines. But she also was charmed by a very eligible bachelor who owned and operated a cattle ranch and lived in a log cabin. At the end of this week, Mr. Wonderful proposed. But it had all happened so quickly that the woman decided to return home and to her job, feeling that she would somehow be guided to make the right decision. The next day, in flight, she found herself wondering what to do. To perk up, she stopped in the rest room and splashed some cool water on her face. There was some turbulence and a signin the rest room lit up: PLEASE RETURN TO THE CABIN. She did--to the cabin back in the mountains (Readerís Digest [1/81], p. 118)

This story does not demonstrate the best way to make decisions in life, but this story does reveal a common dilemma that many people, including Christians, often face. The dilemma I am referring to is the problem of being sure that God is guiding us. In other words, how can you and I be certain that we are in Godís will and that the decisions we are making are the right ones?

This is an important subject for all of us since we all must make important decisions. We all must take various courses of actions and we desire an assurance that God is directing our paths. How can we sure of that divine guidance and direction? This passage in Genesis 24 deals with this subject and problem.

In this chapter we not only see God providing guidance to His people in an important matter but we also see the conditions under which that guidance was provided. These conditions, which could also be referred to as principles, are what I will discuss today. There are four key principles that led to Godís providential guidance found in this chapter. If we follow these principles, I believe we can expect success in receiving Godís providential guidance similar to what Abraham and his servant received.

1. The first principle for receiving Godís guidance is knowing Godís Word.

We must have a thorough knowledge of Godís will and purposes to help direct our actions and decisions. That knowledge of Godís will comes first and foremost from Godís Word. Godís Word reveals Godís plan, principles and purposes. Knowledge of these is essential to even beginning to receive Godís guidance. It is Abrahamís knowledge of Godís word that leads him to make the first step in the right direction in receiving Godís guidance.

Read Verses 1-4

Here we see that Abraham takes steps to see that Godís plan is furthered through Isaac. Isaac must marry and have
James Draviam
April 10, 2010
It is wonderful and worthwhile to wait for God''s guidance and to obey it. Thank you for your clear message.
Mercie Anne
February 25, 2009
Thank you Pastor for the sermon... I now know how to tap into God''s widom and guidance. You have brought it out clearly, strongly, yet in simplicity.
Dear Larry, I find this sermon really good. Thanks for sharing!