Intro: Four times in our text the word “generation” is used to refer to a certain category of people who have certain undesirable attitudes in common. Since sin entered into the world these four classes of people have always existed. They existed 3000 years ago. You be the judge and see if there are still such breed in our modern times. These four verses describe exactly the general attitude of many people prior to the Second Coming of Christ. These verses may even possibly describe your child, neighbor, relative, friend, or God forbid, even yourself! My prayer is that no one listening to me now would be classified in any of these generations.

I. A Disrespectful & Rude Generation (v. 11)
A. Here is a group of heartless folks that despise their parents. This is in direct violation of the 5th commandment (Exo. 20:12 cf. Eph. 6:2). Self-sufficient, they recognize no indebtedness to their loving parents. They even curse their father and are unkind to their mother (Prov. 23:22).
B. Under the OT, stubborn and rebellious children were literally not allowed to live long but were made examples to others (Exo. 21:17; Deut. 21:18-21). How many children would still be left alive if similar laws were enforced today?
C. The devil always seeks to destroy the parent-child relationship and consequently destroy society and the entire nation. It is no wonder why he sought to destroy the first family through its firstborn son Cain, a rebel and a murderer.

II. A Self-Righteous & Hypocritical Generation (v. 12)
A. Many people have a very good and high opinion of themselves when their hearts are so full of sin and pride. They look very good in public but live morally corrupt private lives! These are self-righteous hypocrites and have so much in common with the Pharisees and scribes of Jesus’ day.
B. Listen as to how the Lord Jesus strongly denounced self-righteous hypocrites – Matt. 23:27-28. These are people who do not see the need to repent and be cleansed by the precious blood of Christ (Col. 1:14; I John 1:7).
C. People who think they can make it to Heaven with THEIR righteousness are in for a big surprise (Isa. 64:6a).

III. A Proud & Arrogant Generation (v. 13)
A. The eyes are two small body members that could sometimes speak louder than the mouth! A man may project his feeling of superiority just by the mere look in his eyes.
B. This is the “proud look” in people that God hates so much (Prov. 6:16-19). Notice in the passage that a man with an arrogant and proud look is classified along with liars, murderers, people with filthy hearts and minds, false witnesses, the mischievous, etc.
C. A proud look is really an evidence of a proud heart (Prov. 21:4; 16:5a). Needless to say, pride whether coming from the inside or out is never tolerated by God; it invites His swift judgment (Prov. 16:18 cf. I Pet. 5:5-6).

IV. A Cruel & Oppressive Generation (v. 14)
A. This category of wicked people are notorious