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Thank you for your interest in what God did in the life of Shane West!

It is my prayer that God ministers to you through ďMy StoryĒ Ė Shane West

I wish you could see where Godís brought me from. The best testimony that you can have is your own, whatever God has done for you. Let me start by saying that on July 25, 1966, a big bouncing baby boy, 5lbs. 6 oz., was born in Fresno, California. I donít remember much about a family life but when I was about 5 years old my father, Carl West, sat at the kitchen table with me at my home in Fresno and with tears in his eyes he said, "Son, your momma and I are going to go our separate ways". At the age of 5 years old, I looked up at my daddy and there was a look in his eyes that I knew things would never be the same. He told me how much he loved me but still today I canít see how a man like my daddy can leave me all alone.

When they separated I started seeing things that I would love to say Iíd never seen. I saw things like a father that would pick me up and take me over to where he was staying and introduce me to his girlfriend. The divorce was not yet final and he had met a woman sometime before he told my mother. The womanís name was "Elaine". She had the same name as my mother. My father told me not to mention her to anyone and I hurt because I knew my father was doing wrong.

Through the young years of my life I was in the hospital most of the time. I was a very asthmatic young boy and spent several weeks in oxygen tents and I believe a lot of it was my nerves, the things I was seeing and feeling. I can remember being rushed to the hospital in the midst of a foggy night. They would throw me in a tub of ice to get my temperature down and put me in a little oxygen tent. I will never forget and cannot explain this but I will tell you what happened. At the age of six I was in an oxygen tent with my family members sitting around spending the night with me. My mother was off work and sitting next to me. She has been a waitress for 49 years. She had to work because my daddy wasnít around and she had to put clothes on my back and food on the table. It seemed as though I went to sleep. I saw a countryside, hills, a meadow and grass waving in the wind, the sun was so bright and the day was so pretty, and there was such a peaceful feeling coming over me. When I came to, the doctors and nurses were by my side working on me. To this day, I donít know what happened, except Iíve never felt that feeling since that day. But I was sick most of the time and I remember my father getting mad at me because I was always having to go to the hospital, always having adrenaline shots. Once the doctor told me that my arm looked like a pin cushion.

When I was eight, I remember going to my father when he was on a bar stool. He threw some change down, cussed and told me to buy him some cigarettes in the machine. I bent down, picked up the change, put the change in the machine, hit the button and the pack of cigarettes