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Funeral Sermon

Mar 17, 2012

Summary: A funeral sermon for a believer.


I am not a very good typist. Oh, honestly, I am very bad typist. When I began gathering my thought for this sermon I typed a title at the top (“Funeral Sermon”) to keep it separated from all my other projects. Later I scrolled back to the top to read through it and I noticed that I had not written “Funeral Sermon” I had actually typed “Unreal Sermon.”

But that is what it feels like to us doesn’t it? This is unreal. This is a dream. That’s because we are working through grief, and memories, and new adjustments to life with Alice. But let me assure you that to Alice this is all VERY real and VERY good!

Today she is in the presence of the living and loving God.

She is whole. She is happy.

And she sure wants us to learn from her about this terminal disease of mortality and how to die well.


This sermon is provided by Dr. Kenneth Pell

Potsdam Church of the Nazarene, Potsdam, New York


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