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Genesis 27

[Daytimer, cell phone and wallet demonstration.]

You know what the main reason I need these things is? Because Iím human. God doesnít need anything to remind Him of anything. He doesnít need post-it notes. He doesnít need a Palm Pilot. And He doesnít need a secretary. Heís God. But us Ė we need constant reminders and instructors to help us through life.

We need these types of things in our spiritual lives as well. Reminders and instructors of who God is and that we need to live every moment for Him. Things like:

- Symbolism: cross, fish, baptism, communion
- Community: church, friends, teachers, pastors
- Instruction: Godís Word, Holy Spirit

These help us remember who God is and that we need to live for Him. And why do we need these reminders? Because weíre human.

Old Testament saints needed things like these as well. Guides and reminders of who God is and that they need to live for Him. And thatís exactly what we see in our passage tonight.

We pick back up the story of Abraham in Genesis seventeen which takes place thirteen years after the events that were recorded in Genesis sixteen. Thatís the chapter that records how Abram had a child through Hagar instead of waiting for God to give him a child through his wife Sarai. Thirteen years have passed and God shows up to talk with Abram.

[Read Genesis 17:1.]

This is the first place in the Scripture where God is referred to as God Almighty, which in the Hebrew is El Shaddai. This is an important designation for God especially because of the context. Godís about to perform the impossible through Abram by bringing forth nations through him and his wife who is way beyond child-bearing years. But with God nothing is impossible and He wanted Abram to know that. El Shaddai Ė Almighty God!

He also wanted him to know that He expected him to trust Him and obey His commands. Yes the covenantís fulfillment depended on God. But true faith in God results in obedience to God. Abram was responsible to live for Him.

So God shows up and wants Abram to know who He was Ė Almighty God, and what He expected from him Ė complete trust and obedience. And to help Abram, and his descendants along, God gives him several things to guide and remind.

1. God gives Abram His Word

[Read Genesis 17:2-8.]

This is the forth time God has talked with Abram about the covenant. He again lays out what would happen as a fulfillment of the covenant.

- multitudes
- nations
- kings
- land
- everlasting

(And by the way, when these promises were fulfilled, they themselves stand as a
constant reminder of who God is and what He expects from His people.)

Abram had the Word of Almighty God. He even heard it with his own ears! There was no
doubting what God was going to do through him. He didnít need an interpreter for Godís Word to him. He didnít need an easier to read translation of Godís Word to him. He didnít even need a teacher to help him understand what God