Get in agreement with, ďGodís wordĒ

Recently, I heard a story about this man that wanted to come to America. It was in the early 1900ís and at that time, it could only be done by ocean liner.

The trip would take several weeks to complete and therefore the ticket was a lot of money,

Nevertheless, the man wanted to come to America, so he began to save his money.

He worked hard for several years and finally saved up enough for the trip.

Knowing the trip would take several weeks to complete, he knew he would not have enough money to buy his meals on the ship.

So he bought a suitcase full of cheese and crackers, figuring that even though it was not a good diet, at least it would sustain him for the duration of the trip.
So every time it was time to eat, he would sit in the corner of the dining room, eating his cheese and crackers, while everyone else enjoyed a fine buffet each time they ate.

Finally, the last night of the voyage, a man came over to him and said; I couldnít help but notice that you are always eating by yourself,

Wouldnít you like to come join us and eat with the rest of us tonight?

The man eagerly replied, yes I would, but I spent all my money on the ticket for the trip and I havenít got enough, to pay for the cost of the meal.

The fellow traveler sadly said; didnít anyone tell you that all the meals, were included in the price of your ticket!

Like the man on the trip, its sad but a lot of, Iím gonna say people in general,

because its not just Christainís who fail to realize

the benefits that they are entitled to,
through the new covenant that God gave to all of us,

when Jesus introduced Grace to the world and replaced the old covenant of law.

Theyíve heard about Gods Amazing Grace all their lives, but they really donít know and understand it.

Nor do they realize everything that it does and accomplishes for them.

Amazing Grace, while it may be the churchís anthem.

It doesnít tell the half of it, when it comes to the Amazing Grace that Jesus introduced to the world and what it replaced!!

Jesus completed work on the cross, is not just a 3 day weekend that comes around every Easter,

Nor is it, a bunch of colored eggs and candy that some oversized, made up marketing strategy, leaves laying around everywhere for children to find.

I mean think about it, the only one with the resources to do that is God.

And TBS.(the bible says) that He who has everything, gave us His most prized possession ever, His precious Son, Jesus!!!!

If you donít know exactly what it is that Jesus finished work on the cross

and the covenant of Grace He brought into the world with Him, accomplished for you.

Then, you need to get into the word and get into agreement with God on all He meant for it to do for you!!

It will change your whole way of life, as well as your whole line of thinking!

Hebrews 7:21-23 MSG.
20-22.The old priesthood of Aaron perpetuated itself automatically, father