Acts 8:26 Ė 40

Previous to this In Verses 5 - 12 Philip had been involved in the revival at Samaria. It was a huge success. Unclean spirits cast out, sick healed, and multitudes of people were coming to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and being baptised. The revival was big news, as soon as they heard about it in Jerusalem they sent Peter & John to check it out, Samaria was the place to be spiritually. But look what happened next.....

I. Man of God (Verses 26 Ė 27)

The first thing we see here is an angel comes to speak to Philip. This was important, God wanted there to be no doubt that Philip should go south.

Physically we make decisions everyday. (Married - Major decisions minor decisions, never had a major one)
But, there are other times in our lives that God does want us to go in a specific direction. When we get down to these decisions, we have a choice, we can do Godís will, or we can do something else.

God didnít want Philip to have any doubt about his decision. What really strikes me though is that Philip didnít even question God. Verse 27 says He arose and went. He could have said. ďHey God, weíve got a really big revival going on here. Iíve got preaching to do and people to minister to. Iím really popular here in Samaria, Lord. Why should I just go off to the dessert??Ē

That wasnít Philipís attitude at all. In fact, it was just the opposite. Philip wanted to follow Godís will. That was Philipís commitment to the Lord.

But hang on a minute; if we look at this more closely we can see that firstly God doesnít tell Philip why He wants him to go south along the road to Gazza, into the dessert. God just tells him to do it. Secondly the phrase "towards the south" can also be translated "at noon", since the sun is towards the south at noon.
Itís going to be hot and even deadly to journey south through the dessert in the heat of the day. Especially on foot.

Philip doesnít question God; he doesnít question Godís timing, or the direction God is sending him in. He simply obeyed. There is a lot to be said for that.
The thing is, often times God doesnít tell us what the next step is. He just wants us to step out and follow Him. When we get there, when we finish what He tells us to do, then we receive the next step. If God says go, you go!

Thatís what Philip was doing; heíd made the decision to follow Godís voice. He was walking south, on a dessert road, in the heat of the day, just waiting for Godís next step. God was about to show Philip what was there.

Verse 27 & 28

So Philip is down here walking in the dessert as instructed, and there just so happens to be another man traveling down the same stretch of road, in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the day. This was an important man, a man of great authority and influence. He was in charge of all the Queens Cash, he had the charge of all her treasure, latter part of verse 27.

Ethiopia in these times was a large and powerful country. It was the outer limits of