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Isaiah 40:1-5
Psalm 126:1-6

As we read in the scriptures, Isaiah was prophesying to a people who were in a backslidden state. They knew that they were the apple of Godís eye through the covenant that Abraham had with God. Abraham obeyed God and God counted him as righteous. Because of Abraham, the people of Israel were blessed.

We can read in the Word of God that Israel is the only nation with the testimony of the Red Sea Experience, the Wilderness and Supernatural Provision, the Jericho Wall, etc. Through all these trials, the Israelites knew that God was with them. God wanted them to continue to obey so that they could continually reap His blessings.

God told them to stay away from the people who didnít obey Him. He told them not to fellowship light with darkness. He told them not to fellowship righteousness with unrighteousness. He didnít want them to fellowship the world and the church.

God is still saying that to us today: Be careful whom you hook up with. Itís not that everybody you fellowship is bad, but they are not good for you. They are not good for you because God is taking you to a place and they arenít a part of it. God wants many today to snip, snip, and cut off relationships.

As a matter of fact God told me to tell you to kill them. I donít mean with a gun or knife. I mean cut off the relationship. Many of these relationships are more powerful than God in your life and God wants you to kill it. God wants to turn around some situations in your life. If you donít instead of you killing it, it will kill you.

If you are going to a new place in God, some of you will have to die to "self". You need to get rid of the emotions, family hinderances, etc. that take you away or distract you from the things of God.

Did you know that anything dead canít hurt or have an effect on you? Many things are draining you and you let them drain you. You need to come to the place where you canít hurt or manipulate the situation. You need to become a "dead man walking".

If you donít kill the things in the way of you going to your next place in God, you will end up habitating with you (or mingling with it).

The Israelites ended up marrying the inhabitants of the land. God told them not to mingle with them or mix with them. I have a warning for single women - donít be so desperate and marry the first man that comes into your life especially if they donít have a relationship with God! The Israelites failed miserably by marrying outside of Godís will for their lives. God had to end up bringing them to a place of correction which was necessary. We need to be glad that God corrects us.

Let me give you an example. You canít come to prayer service once or only when you want to and expect to see a turn around. God will bring correction to your life. Many situations in your life require that you press in and come to prayer before the throne room of God and it takes sacrifice and time.

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Nicole Jones
April 28, 2015
Very good message It ministered to the very thing I am dealing with. He that has an ear let him hear what the spirit is saying. God Bless. and keep allowing God to use you.
Thanks for the comment. We will edit to make more readable.
Scott Mcgee of New Life Christian Church, Santa Maria
May 24, 2008
I'm sorry if this sounds negative. There is much that is good here, however, it is cased in such poor gramar that it is difficult to read. The concepts are good but the development of thought is almost non-existent. I'm sure it preached better than it read. Perhaps having someone else transcribe the audio sermon would be better. Better yet, post the audio sermon on site. You have so much to offer it would be a shame to do less.