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Get Ready to be Blessed
Bryan Crumpler Sept 5 04
2 Kings 3.16-17. 4.3-4,5.10

Intro. Many stand on the outside looking in on the blessing of God. They see the results of faithful Christian living but they themselves have never realized the blessings of God. Others have no clue to the way God blesses his children . Due to a lack of commitment or misplaced values they are unaware of the principle that “Preparation Proceeds Blessing”
Let us Consider how we can “Get Ready to be Blessed.”

I. Lessons of Getting Ready to be Blessed.
We are going to look at some examples that demonstrate three important truths.
A. No water without ditches being dug first, 2 Kings 3.16-17
First we must understand the commands of God.
1. We begin by First seeking Gods Will and Way.
2. Gods will was made clear “Dig the Ditches”
3. Gods Way of blessing was going to be to fill the ditches with water.
4. Any other attempts would have wasted time and resources
B. No Healing without first dipping seven times 2 Kings 5.10
Follow through and obey the commands of God.
1. Naaman was made aware that he could be healed.
2. Naaman had to follow though and obey Gods command.
3. Many come to the know Gods commands but do not Follow through.
C. No Oil without first gathering the vessels 2 Kings 4.3-4
Faith determines the level of Blessings
1. The widow obeyed by gathering the vessels.
2. Her faith determined how much she would be blessed.
3. How many vessels did she gather. “Maybe More could be found”
II. Learning the Principle of Preparation
A. Preparation Proceeds blessing.
Every gain in the Christian life is determined by are willingness to get ready to be use of God.
1. Repentance- Joel 2.12-13 we must turn to God from sin if we have not been saved
(a) Sin must be forgiven by trusting Christ as Savior
(b) Sin must be confessed to keep our relationship open before God I John 1.9
2. Revival- 2 Chron 7.14 “God will bless if we confess” humble ourselves and pray
(a) Pride must be dealt with.
(b) Pride is an obstacle to blessing James 4.6
3. Resisting- James 4.7 we Must resist the temptations and snares of Satan.
(a) Satan will lead us away from the blessing of God with the emptiness of worldly treasures that do not bring happiness or joy only hurt 2 Tim 6.10
4. Relinquish- Give up what we are holing on to
ILLAugustine (A.D. 354-430) said, "God wants to give us something, but cannot, because our hands are full--there’s nowhere for him to put it." When we feel as though God’s blessings are missing from our lives, we need to examine our hands and see if they are open to receive, or clutched around something that we refuse to let go.

B. Unpreparedness Promote Loss
Jesus told us what it would be like in the end time and an example of being unprepared
Matt 24.38-39,48-50
1. Failure to see judgment for not being ready