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Tonight I want to talk to you about getting your chores done. I suppose most of us are old enough to remember when kids did chores. If you grew up on a farm you recall chores like milking cows, or feeding animals, or weeding gardens, or chopping wood. If you grew up in town, like I did, you remember washing dishes, sweeping or vacuuming floors, taking out trash.
My sons still do chores in our home. On occasion,(not lately) they share with me that none of their friends do chores. When they arenít in school (so they say) all they do is play video games, watch TV, or play basketball. ďDaddy, why do I have to do chores, and they donít have to?Ē I smile at them and explain, ďBecause they donít live here.Ē Dad and mom, if your kids live with you, you need to teach them to work, and one of the best ways to do that is to give them chores. If you donít teach them to work, they will learn to be lazy.
Even when you grow up, though, you still have chores to do, donít you? You have to work for a living. If youíre a husband with a day off, you get a honey-do list. If youíre the wife, your chore list is usually the largest in the family. If youíre single, you do all the chores.
Tonight I want to talk to you about another kind of choreóthe chores your Heavenly Father has for you to do. God has chores for us, and if we love Him and want to please Him, we need to be about our Fatherís business.
This is why I want us to look in Jonah 1, at a man who tried to run away because he didnít like the chores God gave him to do. Letís see what we can learn about getting our chores done from old Jonah.
Heavenly Father, would you please help us hear your Word tonight. So often the worries and troubles and events of our day cry out so loudly we cannot hear what your Spirit says to us. Help us focus our heart and mind on your Word, that we may not just hear it, but obey You from a heart that loves and adores you. In Jesusí Name. Amen.
The first thing Jonah teaches us is:
Who decides who does what in the home? When I was growing up, it was my parents. ďMichael, you vacuum the carpet, Randy you do the dishes, Cathy you fold the clothes.Ē Sometimes mom would ask for volunteers (I always wanted to vacuum, and hated washing dishes!) But most of the time my chores were chosen for me by my parents.
God chose Jonah for a chore. He calls Jonah to be a prophet, a spokesman for God.
You might remember Jonah was first famous for giving a good message to Israel back in 2 Kings 14:25.
I imagine this wasnít the only time Jonah delivered Godís Word to His people. But at some point, vs. 2 tells us, God chooses another chore for Jonah, this time not to Israel, but to the capital city of Assyria, the great city of Nineveh. Cry out against it! Warn them that I see their wickedness!
I want you to notice a couple of things about Godís chore for Jonah:
It is communicated clearly. Jonah doesnít have to decipher the message;