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Jonah 1:15-17
* Throughout the course of my life I have been through several storms called hurricanes. Back when storms were rightly named female names, there was Betsy, Hilda, and Camille, just to name a few. More recently it was Georges and Katrina. In our area we are prone to tornadoes and while they are different, they are just as dangerous. If you have ever watched the clips from Katrina which were videoed as the storm came ashore, you sensed the power and fierceness of Mother Nature and this storm.
* Whether a hurricane, typhoon, noríeaster, or cyclone, the storm which God hurled on Mediterranean Sea was a killer. Water is a formidable opponent and these sailors, sea dogs, believe their boat about to be destroyed when a man self-described as a man of God said, ďItís my fault, get rid of me, and all will be well.Ē
* The short version is this; Ďthey didí and Ďit wasí. They did throw him overboard and the sea stopped its raging. Instead of giving you a cute alliterated outline, let suggest to you some lessons to learn or principles to take to heart from this text. Then we will end with the obvious results of this episode. (Letís read)
1. I may have to do what I donít want to do. When you read this story it is filled with people doing what they donít want to. Later in the book weíll see Jonah actually going to Nineveh, but for now letís lay that aside. First these pagan men didnít want to thrown Jonah overboard. In verse 9, Jonah tells them how to get out of this stormóand they just look him, consider him crazy, and go back to attempting to handle it own their own. But they would never get out of the storm until they did what they didnít care to do. This principle reminds me of Naaman. He didnít want to wash in the river Jordan and almost didnít.
* Consider the implication for your life. Most do not want to think that we have to come to God for salvation. In recent days the thinking is this; ďDonít worry, if God predestined you to be saved, itíll happen, there is nothing you can do to stop it.Ē Yet the Bible says, ďRepent, Believe, Be born again,Ē and it implies that God has give us a decision. That is to do what we might not want to.
2. Obedience brings blessings Ė When the soldiers throw Jonah overboard, the text says, ďThe Sea stopped its raging.Ē I well remember being out on a board and the weather got rough. I even say a little fear in the demeanor of my captain. This was not a huge Ďstormí, just bad weather. I can only imagine what we would have felt like if the weather had cleared up quickly. According to the Bible, when they turned loose of the one who was disobedient, the storm cease. This was a picture of that which we see in the New Testament with the disciples and Jesus. We always think about Jesus being asleep in the boat and waking to calm the storm. But how about Mark 6. The disciples were out on the boat at night, the storm came, and did not cease until Jesus got into