Save Time and Preach Like Never Before. Try the new
1. Have you ever wished during an especially wonderful time in your life that you could freeze things right where they were? I remember having that thought a number of years ago my family was spending time with my parents, they were healthy, the children were doing well, the family was in good shape & everyone was happy. I had the thought, wouldnít it be wonderful if I could hit the pause button on life & just stop everything right where it is at this very moment.
2. Of course it doesnít work that way. Iíve since come to realize more than ever that when things are going wonderful in your life you canít expect them to remain that way, but the reverse is also true. When the most difficult moments of life confront you, those moments donít remain the same either. Sometimes things get better and at other times things get worse, but things never remain the same. Life just doesnít work like that.
3. The only typical exception is that when weíre young we usually canít wait for things to change. We want to grow up, and be given more freedom. Then it happens and we discover that while we wouldnít want to go back, those changes bring a whole new series of challenges into our lives. We want things to be good for us and stay that way, but they donít. You can relate to what Iím saying canít you? I thought so.
4. But like it or not change comes into our lives. We can fight change, but we cannot stop it. Change is one of the few things in life that is a constant. Itís not going to go away.
5. I had to laugh recently when I came across a nurses list of duties in a hospital in 1887. Let me tell you Iím glad there have been changes. Consider a nurses duties 118 years ago. In addition to caring for your 50 patients, each nurse will follow these regulations: 1. Daily sweep & mop the floors of your ward, dust the patientís furniture & window sills. 2. Maintain an even temperature in your ward by bringing in a scuttle of coal for the dayís business. 3. Lighting is important to observe the patientís condition. Therefore, each day fill kerosene lamps, clean chimneys & trim wicks. Wash the windows once a week. 4. The nurseís notes are important in aiding the physicianís work. Make your pens carefully, you may whittle nibs to your individual taste. 5. Each nurse on day duty will report at 7:00 AM & leave at 8:00 PM., except on the Sabbath, on which day you will be off from noon to 2:00 PM. 6. Graduate nurses in good standing with the director of nurses will be given an evening off each week for courting purposes or two evenings a week if you go regularly to church. 7. Each nurse should lay aside from each payday a goodly sum of her earnings for her benefits during her declining years so that she will not become a burden. For example, if you make $30 a month, you should set aside $15. 8. Any nurse who smokes, uses liquor in any form, gets her hair done at a beauty shop or frequents dance halls will give the director of nurses good reason to