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INTRO.- ILL.- It was on Thanksgiving many years ago that actress Helen Hayes cooked her first turkey. Before serving it she announced to her husband, Charles MacArthur, and their son James: ďNow I know this is the first turkey Iíve ever cooked. If it isnít right, I donít want anybody to say a word. Weíll just get up from the table without comment, and go down to a restaurant for dinner.Ē

Then she retired to the kitchen. When she entered the dining room, bearing the turkey, she found her husband and son seated at the tableówearing their hats and coats.

That would be me! If I were to cook the Thanksgiving meal it would be at the Dixie restaurant or elsewhere.

Thanksgiving lunch or dinner is what Thanksgiving means to most people. A family gathered around a big turkey and dressing meal with all the goodies to go with it. And thatís certainly a special time for many families here in our blessed country. WE ARE BLESSED!

We have great abundance in America. We can buy most anything we want if we have the money. We have freedom in America to go where we went, when we want. We have the precious gift of being able to travel and be with our families on Thanksgiving and at other times. WE ARE BLESSED! Counting our blessings and giving thanks is what Thanksgiving is all about!

We of all people of the world need to be thankful! And not just on Thanksgiving day. For many Americans, giving thanks for their blessings and their meal may only happen one time a year.

Frankly, I donít ever remember my family ever giving thanks for a meal other than at Thanksgiving. And I donít even remember who offered the prayer of Thanksgiving but someone did.

We ought to be thankful every day, for every day, and for every meal and for every gift from above. And they are many! WE ARE BLESSED!

Henry Ward Beecher: Pride slays thanksgiving, but a humble mind is the soil out of which thanks naturally grow. A proud man is seldom a grateful man, for he never thinks he gets as much as he deserves.

We need to be both humble and grateful. I Peter 5:5 "God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble."

PROP.- Some thoughts about thanksgiving from Godís Word.
1- In a list of sins ingratitude is a big one
2- In the presence of all people we must give thanks
3- In a world of impurity there must be thanksgiving
4- In the midst of asking we must give thanks


ILL.- A preacher told his congregation, ďThereís a theory around that if people donít smoke, donít drink, donít overeat, or engage in extra-marital sex theyíll live a lot longer. The problem is, we wonít know for sure until somebody in this church tries it.Ē

Whatís your sin? Whatís your biggest sin? Greed? Lust? Materialism? Anger? Unforgiveness? Pride? Or could it be ingratitude?

Someone said, ďIf you have nothing to be thankful for then make up your mind that there is something wrong with you.Ē

Everyone has
Shawn Miller of For His Glory
November 18, 2014
Great message! well articulated.
Thank you, Shawn, for your kind words. God bless you in your ministry.