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Topic: Prayer
Theme: Answered Prayer
Purpose: to be the Holy Spiritís second witness calling Godís people in my care to pray with persistence and humility.
Response: Individuals will ponder Godís grace in answering our prayers.
Pattern: A deductive exposition of the text introduced by statistics and stories of answered prayer.

Do you believe God answers prayer? Odds are pretty good that since youíre in church today that you do. But what about people outside the church?

Do you think Americans believe in prayer?

What do you think the percentage of Americans that pray every day is? 75%
What do you think the percentage of Americans who say they have had prayers answered might be? 95%

Citation: Life, 3/94. "To Verify," Leadership. © 2001 / Christianity Today, International

What would you expect to be the percentage of Americans who believe God hears their prayers and has the power to answer them? 86%

Citation: Barna Associates, cited in National & International Religion Report, 3/6/95. "To Verify," Leadership. © 2001 / Christianity Today, International

This may be a little harder. What do you think the percentage of Americans is who pray in order to forgive others? 86%
How many pray for forgiveness for themselves? 92%

Citation: Gallup Poll, cited in Facts & Trends. "To Verify," Leadership. © 2001 / Christianity Today, International

Do you think God always answers prayer the way we expect?

Not necessarily right? A woman from Fremont, Michigan tells this story about an unexpected answer to prayer.
When three of [her] sons were in college, they formed a trio that sang at various churches. One night they were singing when a fly started buzzing around their heads. Greg, one of the boys, breathed a quick prayer that the Lord would get rid of that fly. God answered in an unexpected way. When Greg opened his mouth to sing, the fly flew in. The song ended abruptly, but the fly was taken care of.

Citation: Jean Johnson, Fremont, Mich. Christian Reader, "Lite Fare." © 2001 / Christianity Today, International

A missionary wrote about a time when God surprised her family with His answer to their prayers. She said:
We were in need of passage money to return to our work in Switzerland. In faith, we set a date that the children and I began "praying towards." We contemplated sending out a letter informing people of this need, but kept deciding against it--"Letís just pray about it for the time being. "Less than three weeks before the date, the money began to come in. It was a direct answer to prayer, because I never did mail any letters. And the love gifts did not come from any of the sources I had had in mind when praying. It was as though God said, "It is not necessary to bring the money from those places you think are possibilities. I am able to make it all a surprise to you, my child."
Citation: Edith Schaeffer in With Love, Edith.