December 24, 2007
Romans 3:11-24
God At His Best!!
Adapted from a sermon by E.V. Hill

The Bible is full of miracles. When you read the Bible, page after page is filled with miracles about Godís creation, the miracle of Godís forgiveness, mercy, grace, Godís love, and the gift of new life. When we believe in God, the Bible becomes a book filled with hope, hope of a new today and a new tomorrow.

So on this Christmas Eve, what is Godís greatest miracle?
Is it the birth of Jesus?
Is it the death of Jesus?
Is it found in the resurrection?
Is it the hope of a glorious heaven?
Could it be the greatest miracle is life?

We could debate which miracle is the greatest of all, and we could all be correct.

And, when I think about miracles, I think about God at His best.

But it occurred to me, that God at His best may not even be in the Bible. Now that may be a shocking statement for a Christmas Eve message. But God at His best is not recorded anywhere in Genesis or in Revelation, nor anywhere inbetween. Let me tell you when God was at His best.

It occurred about 25 years ago, when a young man named Michael Deutsch was lost in his own world. I was living a life that was not pleasing to God; my life had only one purpose ó to satisfy all of my cravings, my goal was simple. . . please myself, and donít get in my way. You see, I was making it in the world, I was a success in my field, considered the rising star in the auditing field, but there was no joy in my heart, and I was drowning in my own misery.

And then. . . and then, the great God who made the heavens and the earth, stopped to see me, and He came into my heart. Thatís when He was at His best. When somehow, and donít ask me to explain it, but I can testify that no matter how great Jesus is, He arranges to meet all who would come. . . all who would come and confess their need for Him.

There are some days when I need to see a number of people and I receive phone messages, mail and way too many emails. But I canít do ten things at one time, I have a hard enough time doing two things at a time. I cannot be everywhere, all at the same time. I am incapable of being everywhere that I am wanted.

But one night in Hinsdale, Illinois, Jesus, was at His best, because I called on Him. I was a nobody with no name and the great God of the universe came into my heart, and His name is Jesus. And somebody else here can testify that He too came into your heart. You were a nobody, lost in your sins, arrogant, and yet when that moment came ó and you said ĎLord, I know youíre the keeper of the heavens and the earth, I need You, I want You, I believe in Youí then the Lord Jesus came into your heart and made you into a new creation. And if there is anybody in here right now who has not done it, you can get the Creator of the heavens and earth and all there is, to come into your life right now.

And we must believe and trust with our hearts that this great big God will meet us