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God is keeping me


Sermon shared by Stephen Robinson D

December 2006
Summary: An encouraging sermon for the new year or church anniversary
Audience: General adults
Traditionally the New Year is a time of new beginnings. It is a time that we make new commitments to do better in the New Year than we did in the last year. It is a time that we sit down and make a list of how we are going to better in the New Year, than we did in the old. (Can I get a witness?) Itís a time that we say we are going ďOut with the Old and in with the NewĒ. The New Year is a time when we make resolutions, and rulings; we make declarations & decrees, we make pledges & promises to do better than in the New Year than we did in the old. The New Year is a time when we vow to not do the same ole stuff we being doing all our lives, we vow to have a better church, we vow to treat people better, we vow to read our bible more, we swear to come to church more, we declare to be a better person in the New Year.

But isnít strange and I find it quite bothersome that some of the same promises we vowed to do last new year are some of the same problems and plagues that we are stilling dealing with this new year?
- Some of the same lies we said we wasnít gonna tell leaving last year we still lying & telling this year.
- Some of the same folks we said were gonna get out our lives last year are still sleeping in our beds in this year
- Some of the same bills we said we was gone pay off last year are still ruining our credit report this year
-Some of the same traditions we said we was gonna break last year we still doing them this year
- Some of the same devils we buried last year are the same devils we resurrected & gave CPR to January 1 this year (Help in here)
Some of the same habits (you know, drinking, smoking, gambling) that we swore to stop last year, they have already reared there ugly head up this year!

But yet and still God is still keeping us; and has kept anybody here another year!
- Anybody know God is keeping you?
- Has God been keeping anybody this year?
- Has God had to come to your rescue already this year?
- Has God had to rock you in the midnight hour?
- Has God been with you through the sickness & health?
- Has God had to bring anybody through the storm & the rain?
- Anybody know God is keeping you? (High five your neighbor and say God is keeping me!)

I come to give you a revelation from God today, and that is in the New Year God doesnít want another resolution, he doesnít want another broken promise, he doesnít want a new declaration, but God wants a New You! God wants you to live a different way. God is tired of us playing church; he wants us to be the church. (Wish I had a witness) God wants a new You! He wants you to use your time, he wants your talents and he wants you to be a better Christian.

God is keeping you for a reason
God is keeping you for a divine purpose.
God has given us more time for a spiritual intension.
God has given us one more chance;
God has given us one more sunny day!
God didnít keep us hanging around just for us to look good;
He didnít keep us here just to show
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