Save Time and Preach Like Never Before. Try the new
(1John 4:7-21)

Mark was walking home from school one day when he noticed the boy ahead of him had tripped and dropped all of the books he was carrying along with two sweaters, a baseball bat, a glove, and a small tape recorder. Mark knelt down and helped the boy pick up the scattered articles.† Since they were going the same way, he helped to carry the burden.†
As they walked Mark discovered the boyís name was Bill, that he loved video games, baseball, and history, that he was having a lot of trouble with his other subjects and that he had just broken up with his girlfriend. They arrived at Billís home first and Mark was invited in for a Coke and to watch some t.v. The afternoon passed pleasantly with a few laughs and some shared small talk, then Mark went home.†
They continued to see each other around school, had lunch together once or twice. They ended up at the same High school where they had brief contacts over the years. Finally the long awaited senior year came, and three weeks before graduation, Bill asked Mark if they could talk. Bill reminded him of the day years ago when they had first met.†
"Do you ever wonder why I was carrying so many things from school that day?" asked Bill.†"You see, I cleaned out my locker because I didnít want to leave a mess for anyone else. I had stored away some of my motherís pills and I was going home to commit suicide. But after we spent some time together I realized that if I had, I would have missed that time and so many others that might follow.†So you see, Mark, when you picked up my books for me that day, you did a lot more. You saved my life."

Jesus Christ did a lot more than just healing the sick. He did not only live a perfect life in our place; He died for us so we can have eternal life. He rose again from the dead to warrant that we will also be risen and live with Him forever and ever.

This passage probably contains the greatest single statement about God in the whole Bible, that GOD IS LOVE. I am amaze how many doors this single statement has unlocked and how many questions it has answered.

v. 7 Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.
v. 8 Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

God is love. It does not say God is grace nor God is mercy although we know God is all-gracious and all-merciful but it says God is love. God did not create an emotional feeling or expression at the time when He created man in His own image. He Himself is the personification of love. Within the Godhead there is love. Love finds its origin in God. He gives out love. When He demonstrated righteous indignation in His humanity, it was because of His love for man who is sinful in thoughts, words and deeds. There was not a time that God started loving and would stop loving. Love didnít begin when God created the universe. Love was already there. There is love