verse 5. Exodus 2:5 Then Pharaohís daughter went down to the Nile to bathe, and her attendants were walking along the river bank. She saw the basket among the reeds and sent her slave girl to get it. Stop right here for a moment. Hereís another person we need in our lives, and we will never know her name. Itís the slave girl. Her position was a very humble one. She had no idea when she woke up that morning. God had chosen her to rescue the deliverer of her people from the River.

She might have prayed,"oh God, why donít you do something to end our slavery. Why donít you use me, to help end the oppression. God do you here me." Now that night, she might have said again, "well God, you didnít do much on answering my prayer."
We donít always know how God is working it out do we. If she had of only known, the person inside of that basket, she went and rescued was the greatest prophet of God and the one who would deliver her children and grandchildren from slavery, she would have shouted hallelujah.
Saints you donít need to be in some great position of power to be used in the plan of God. You wonít always know when your little act, is moving the kingdom of God forward by leaps and bounds. So be faithful in what you do, even the little things. If she had of gone and grabbed the basket any kind of a way she could have broke the childís neck. She didnít know who or what was in the basket.
We all need people like the slave girl in our lives. People who see to it that we get out of a bad situation without us getting hurt. People who are willing to help us out simply because somebody told them to go and do something for us. People who are willing to handle us gently because they are not sure what our situation is.
How many of us are willing to be Slave Girls for God. Willing to work behind the scenes to help bring forward the kingdom of God. Not getting offended because no one knows that it was us who did it. We simply come and do it. Iíve seen some of you in those roles. Ann Moore will come up here and work all day in the kitchen and cleaning around the church. Evelyn Reese has been volunteering an eight hour day every week for the past four years. Ruby has spent many hours in the kitchen preparing for funeral or meal. So many others of you have done things that donít get noticed, but they make a difference. Samantha, Tanisha and Tanisha are here every Sunday picking up paper outside so the church looks clean when you arrive. The greatness of this church is not the result simply of the pastors, but of the willingness of the people to work behind the scenes to get the job done.
On that particular day, Pharaohís daughter saw exactly what God wanted her to see. She was the one who spotted the basket. She sent the slave girl to pick it up. Now keep in mind there is a bitter animosity between the Egyptians and the Hebrews. But when God is at work, all things