Save Time and Preach Like Never Before. Try the new
Text: Mark 14:1-11

The Story of my wife and I meeting--prevenient grace.
This is what is called Prevenient Grace—grace that came before so that my wife and I could get to each other.

Does God know what he is doing with your life? God brings strange selections together sometimes.

The story of how we got to this church. (Prevenient Grace)
At a cluster meeting the lot fell for me to pulpit swap here!
I was released from one ministry and there arose a need for a minister here at the same time. Who needs a minister in February? Does God know what he is doing with our lives?

Does God know what He is doing with YOUR life???

Mark 14:1-11
v8She did what she could. She poured perfume on my body beforehand to prepare for my burial.

God knows what He is doing with your life!
He knows what it takes to save you, He knows what it takes to get your attention, he knows what it takes to make you holy and more like His Son Jesus and he knows what grace you need to get you through!

God brought a strange selection to His Son to anoint him for his burial—a woman of reputation—a known sinner. God brought a strange selection to a sinful woman to have her anoint—the Son of God—the sinless lamb.

But Jesus needed anointed…and the woman needed forgiven. Grace brought them together. Because God knew what He was doing.

Did God know what He was doing with His Son’s life? The path before the Christ was death and burial! Statistically speaking 100% of us will die. That’s a fact. Where we spend eternity all depends on which neighborhood and curb we pull up to when the ride is over!

And the only way to get to God’s neighborhood is through the gate of Jesus Christ himself—and God knew that.

We don’t really know what was going on in the BEFORE THAT times of this woman’s life and what brought her to Jesus. Perhaps she saw in him what a man could truly be. Perhaps she felt valued in his eyes and of worth when he looked at her rather than feeling like an object to be used and abused. I don’t know why she has come to that place and what brought her there to Jesus.

But then there is the story of how I came to know Christ…it may be much like yours… Does God know what he is doing with your life?

What has brought you to this place in your life today? Can you see the activity of God’s grace upon you? Is God’s grace active upon your heart and in your life? Have you ever opened yourself to the means of God’s grace for your heart and soul?

This woman did. The jar was a symbol of her heart—she broke it open and poured it all out on Jesus. An act of grace.

And if there is anything I have learned is that if you Grace Jesus, HE WILL NOT BE OUTDONE! You can’t out-give God! In LUKE’s gospel he tells us Jesus told the woman, “Your sins are forgiven!”

It feels good to be forgiven. She graced Jesus up with anointing